Rinellis. A strange woman from a race thought to be long dead, the Endey Draconia (essentially Dragon Kin)


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Endey Draconia
Gender: Female
Age: Ancient (impossible to tell)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: The homeland of dragons
Currently Located: Almia, Carthiae
Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 247 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue (completely blue, no whites no pupil, and with a faint blue glow. eyes glow at night)
Occupation: Slave/dancer/prophet
Nickname(s): Dancer (they simply call her dancer in Carthiae as she will not give her name)
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


Not much is known about Rinellis. She was captured by a sorcerer long ago, and brought to the country of Carthiae where the sorcerer lived. He crafted a pendant which keeps her "tame". She cannot attack anyone, nor can she attempt to escape from her owner or anyone her owner has told her to stay with. She also cannot escape from wherever her owner tells her to stay. Because of this she is often allowed to live without being bound. She is often kept for entertainment as she is a beautiful dancer and singer, as well she is the only of her kind known to still be alive. She has, however, been passed from owner to owner as all of the people who owner die mysterious deaths, usually due to health problems/illnesses that appear suddenly and out of nowhere. Some say Rinellis is cursed but many are too consumed by their own greed to think twice about keeping her.

Rinellis does not speak unless she is singing, except for one time, in which she told someone that she did not dance for the benefit of humans, but instead she danced for her queen, Eltherial, the queen of dragons.

Rinellis was once, long ago, a prophet, who knew the ebb and flow of both fate and destiny.


Rinellis is quiet and strong, and the sort to not speak unless something absolutely must be said. Her prophecies and spells she does not sing but instead speaks, and so most ignore them, only listening to the sound and not the words. She is beautiful and dangerous, though she never shows just how dangerous she can be.

She is proud of who and what she is, and sometimes that pride can get the better of her. Her pride makes it so she will never ask anyone for help, she will always find a way to get through things on her own.

Rinellis is good at keeping her emotions and intentions hidden. She almost always acts calm and cold, not matter how she truly feels. It's very rare for her to show the emotions raging inside of her.

Skills and Abilities

Rinellis has many skills and so I will likely only list a few of the more general ones here.

  • Spell Singing: The ability to cast a spell using only a song. No materials, no rituals, just the words and emotions within a song.
  • Energy Weaving: The ability to weave the flow of energy that is in all things to use for her own purposes. Usually she uses this to aid her spell singing.
  • Prophecy: The ability to see the flow of time, of fate, and of destiny.

Special Items

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  • Binding Pendant: The pendant put on her by a sorcerer which keeps her tame.
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