"It's said that near the entrance of the ruins of Raden Chlo, when the night is at it's peak, you can hear a mournful whistle cry out in the dark. It begins soft and gentle, but soon escalates to an angry chilling screech. Some believe this to be the cries of RoDechi, the so called ghost that haunts those ruins. Spirit, living creature, or sheer myth, one thing is certain; those ruins are quite dangerous."


Author: Xovq
Name Pronunciation: ROW-deh-SHE-en (sometimes mispronounced as row-DEH-SHE-en)
Species: Khirhodhenkhirhom: Host Independent
Element: Electricity
Gender: Male
Age: ?
Place of Origin: Dhaht'harlhkhirlh
Currently Located: Raden Chlo, Solcon
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Occupation: Guardian
Nickname: Roh, Rhodeshien, Rodesh, Rodeshi, Rodechi, Shien
Name meanings: From Below (Rhodheh Shian), Midnight (Literally 'Night’s Peak') Flute (Roh Dehshih Ian), Keeper of the Hours (Rodh Eshihehnh)
Appears In: Brother's Judgment


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Skills and Abilities

  • Illusion Projection: Unlike most Khirhodhenkhirhom, Rhodhehshien does not need physical contact to cast an illusion (though they are much more convincing if he does have contact). However, he can only use two types of illusions: visual and sound. His visual illusions are mediocre especially when projected. He can't do much more than a manifest form, which starts out ghost like but will appear to solidify from the top down as he approaches. He does specialize in sound illusions though. Such illusions can be projected incredibly far. He can also project sound illusions to specific areas.
  • Long Distance Telepathy: This results from his ability to project sound illusions from very far away. He also has the ability to communicate telepathically to his Abhanhohnh, regardless of distance.
  • Perfect Perception of Time Increments: Rhodhehshien cannot loose track of time.

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