Relz is a frail young man who is the Tsurienmae Phoenix during the reign of Rainel Celestialia. He fought in the final war against Despair. He is madly in love with Ryu Kobi-Flintheart.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmae (phoenix)
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Jesai, Lunaria
Currently Located: Jesai, Lunaria/ Lorshn, Biiree
Height: 5' 9"
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Red
Occupation: Mage, Phoenix, Book shop owner
Nickname(s): little phoenix
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


Relz was born not only with a mark of destiny but with the wings of a phoenix as well. Once upon a time the phoenix was respected, almost to the point of worship, however during the destruction of Fols the phoenix had become feared for it's power. Some had also forgotten about the phoenix over the almost 4000 years since the last battle with despair, meaning that a child with the wings of a phoenix would be a great unknown. Because of this many people avoided and feared Relz, unsure of what to expect from him. Even his parents were wary around him, not sure what to make of their somewhat strange son. This was only made worse when he was brought to Despair's attention as one of the ones who would later cause her to be defeated again. Because of this Despair found him and put a curse on him so that no one would ever want to be by his side, as a friend or a lover.

Because of these facts Relz had a great deal of trouble making friends for a large portion of his life. Instead he threw himself into books, loving to read stories but far preferring to read about magic and magical theory even from a young age. He seemed to have a knack and attraction to fire magic from the time he was young, yet as he grew older it seemed that even with practice his magic didn't get any further than the natural talent he had displayed.

Still Relz didn't let up on his love of fire magic, and so as soon as he was old enough began begging his parents to allow him to go study at the magic school. Eventually his parents gave in and sent him over to the magic school in the capital to study magic as he wished. They would never mention it but his parents actually felt a strange relief when he left (though much of that was caused by Despair's curse).

And so Relz went a learned about magic. Though he only had some raw talent he managed to do rather well for himself, keeping up his grades in most classes enough that he could continue on to the next level of classes. The one class where Relz truly excelled however was magical theory. He many not have had the skill to do much in the way of casting but he was a brilliant theorist and none could deny that fact.

Eventually Relz met Ryu, a cat folk who was also one of the destined


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