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The Another World Guild version of Reilia Stormsong. She is VERY different from the NS4W version in the sense of who she is. It is very possible that she is only different because she is far older and more experienced, and has a very different fate.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Human/God
Gender: Female
Age: unknown (looks to be in her early 20's)
Date of Birth: July 28th
Place of Origin: Comodo
Currently Located: Darkness Plane
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair Color: Dark purple
Eye Color: grey
Occupation: Goddess of Shadows
Nickname(s): Rei
Appears In: Another World


Reilia has forgotten her past. At one point in time she was a dancer in Comodo, wanting to bring joy to people with the beauty of her dancing. At some point she passed on and after many years of wandering in nothingness it was finally decided that over the course of her many past lives, and because of her works in life that she had the makings of a god. And so she awoke in the half-destroyed Celestial Plane, now the new goddess of shadows. The first person she met in the heavens was Nosra, the god of death, whom she feels some strange sort of kinship to. She wishes that someday she will be seen as a friend, and hopes to help Nosra not feel so lonely.


Reilia can be oblivious at times, if only because of her innocence. Many things go over her head, but not because she's stupid but simply because she's never learned about them. Reilia does, however, seem to have a much darker side than the side of her that usually shows. She can be angry, vicious at times, and if needed she will trick and hurt people. But for the most part she is sweet and always smiling and curious. She loves to see other people happy.

Skills and Abilities

No specific skills to list right now. She has various dances she can do, and can use some of the abilities of shadow (the goddess of shadows is basically the goddess most rogues and assassins worship, so hiding abilities and such are available to her).

Special Items

It's not really an item but I'll list it here anyways.

  • Shadow: Reilia's shadow as a god. It seems to have a personality all her own. It sometimes acts of it's own accord, sometimes it reacts to Reilia's inner emotions… It can appear even in bright light when most shadows would disappear.

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