RaiTiLen used to be a normal Lunar girl. Then she got abducted. Not to mention the experimentation. Now she's a weretiger. Run. She'll eat your fish.


Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (Aproximately 14 in human years)
Date of Birth: Sau'le 15 (Equivalent of June 2)
Place of Origin: Seli'ni
Currently Located: Ur'Danda Plains, Seli'ni
Height: 4'9"
Hair Color: Warm Grey
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Occupation: Vagabond
Nickname(s): Rai
Appears In: [http://yllamse.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Beginings-67980969]


Rai grew up on the country side with her family which consisted of a mother (CaiShi), An older sister (HiaLen) and an older brother (DeoLen). She never got to meet her father, apparently he had dissapeared before she was born.


Rai has a sunny disposition. Known for her randomness, she will manage to charm, persuade, pout and if all else fails (as it usually does with VieRam) drag those around her to follow along with her schemes. The experiments have changed her personality a bit to reflect her feline nature. If it's shinny, she'll play with it. If she comes accross a mouse, bird, fish, ect. (even if it's a pet) she will hunt it. If she's get's bored with what you're saying or doing she'll ignore you and look for said mouse, bird, fish, ect. She'll always pick play before work. Unless it's really important or interesting (that's when it's no longer work) she will leave it undone unless unsupervised.
Warning: Will attack (either verbally or physically) anyone who mistreats or hurts a child.

Skills and Abilities

  • Cheer: Raises party's strength and defense.
  • Beserk: Becomes enraged beyond sanity. (Strength x4.)
  • Purification: Recovers abnormal status.
  • Chakra: Restores some HP and MP.
  • Were-Shift (Hybrid Form): Changes into hybrid weretiger form. (Strength x2. Agility x2. Can speak with any Feline fluently.)
  • Were-Shift (Tiger Form): Changes into weretiger form. (Strength X3. Agility X4. Accuracy x2. Will only recognize party members if they call her by name. Will attack randomly.)
  • Brawl: Fighting techniques learned on the streets
                                • Pummel Punch repeatedly with one's fist.
                                • Grapple Grabs enemy and flings into the ground.
                                • Bullheaded Runs in a straight line crashing into enemies.
                                • Barrage Infuriated random punch and kicks

Special Items

  • Quartz Key: A necklace that she never removes or allows anyone to touch.


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