Raine K Firefield


Raine Firefield, also know as Rainel Celestialia, is a beautiful, yet war torn young Tsurienmae woman, who has the weight of great responsibility and power on her shoulders.

Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmaie
Gender: Female
Age: 19 (297)
Date of Birth: December 5th
Place of Origin: Jesai, Lunaria
Currently Located: Dragonstone palace, Jesai, Lunaria
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair Color: Black (turns white when she's very sick)
Eye Color: Garnet (change colors sometimes)
Occupation: Queen of Lunaira/Demi-goddess of starlight
Nickname(s): (not really nicknames, more like her other names) Rainel Fierfialda, Raine Celestialia
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles, also makes numerous cameo apperances in other works


Raine Firefield was born to the royal family of Lunaria, the Celestialias (also know as the Celestial Royal Family). She had a pleasant childhood, spending lots of time with her family, learning not only the life of a royal but also the life of a commoner. Her family was well known for being kindhearted rulers, prefering to live more like commoners than royals, and always finding time for any and all people who sought their help. Raine spent much of her time with her older brother Kaine and with the captain of the royal guard’s son, Rowen. Her brother spent much of his time teaching her the ways of magic, and occasionally helped with teaching her the ways of battle (Rowen’s father Elthirin was the one who taught her the most however). When Raine was 12 years old (about 6 in human years) her older sister, Alessia, who had been slowly becoming more bitter and twisted over the years, finally went insane and slaughtered their whole family. Raine was saved from death by her mother, Alinara, who used the power which all Tsurienmae have, often called Sacrifice, to bring her back from the brink of death. In return Alinara died, to return to her true form, the goddess Tsuria. From then on Raine lived her life on the run, moving from place to place, trying not to be found by anyone who would recognized her. She quickly learned how to live on the streets, and eventually traveled all the way out to the far ports of Delkri, a port town on the western side of the island. There she thought that no one would be able to recognize her, and she could live safely for a while, avoiding Alessia's wrath. She did manage to avoid her sister, however she couldn't escape the slavers that kidnapped her one day.


Raine is usually quiet and self sufficent, avoiding people whenever she can since most people in her life have only brought her trouble. She tries to help people and do the right thing, while staying hidden from sight. She can be very distant and lost in though, sometimes seeming to be insane simply because she is so lost in her own pain, however this does change over time. When it comes to people who hurt others simply for the fun of it Raine can be brutal. She rarely pays any real regard to the law, she only does so when she gets older (by about the time of the second and third books). For her all that matters is finding a way to someday live a peaceful life. She has great magical power, however she isn’t really sure how to control it.

Skills and Abilities

  • Foresight: She can occasionally see visions of what is to happen. It could be something about to happen only moments after the vision or it could be something that will happen in a few years. It could also be something that’s happening nearby or something on the other side of the world. She has no control over this power.
  • Regneration: Like many Tsurienmaie she has the ability to heal herself instantly. The healing is not an instant healing like from a heal spell but instead is simply a very fast, but mundane healing. A wound that would take a normal human a week to heal only takes an hour or two for her. This however does NOT heal small woulds (such as paper cuts) it is only triggered when she recieves a moderate wound (a good sized gash) a severe wound (possibly life threatening) or a mortal wound (would kill a normal human).
  • Sacrifice: All Tsurienmaie have the ability to sacrifice their life to save someone who has died within the past few minutes, as long as the death was not a natural death (natural being from old age or a “destined death” ((a death willed by the gods))). Raine, however, has a slightly different twist on this ability. Instead of having to give her life in order to do this it simply drains a portion of her life-span. No one is sure what has granted her this ability, and no one is sure just how long her life-span might be. She uses this ability very rarely and could not use it when she was younger.
  • Telepathy: All Tsurienmaie have at least some telepathy, however Raine has the ability to not only speak to others of her race but to others of different races, including animals and other beasts (she is most proficient in communicating telepathically with dragons).

Special Items

  • Ceremonial Feathers: Two black & silver feathers and one red feather with a small blue crystal holding the three together. This was given to her by her brother for her birthday one year. Is meant to be worn at festivals and ceremonies.
  • Dragon Queen's Staff: A strange staff given to her by Etherial, the queen of dragons. It's said that the holder of this staff is to be guarded by dragons (sometimes even evil ones) as they are a prophet of Tsuria and well respected by the dragon queen. (was given to Raine just before Etherial passed on, leaving her daughter, Prism, in Raine's care) Prism likes to sleep on the top of the staff in her tiny form.
  • Butterfly Ring: A silver ring in the shape of a butterfly. Has the ability to change the wearer into one other form that they choose (must be about the same size or smaller than them). Once the wearer decides what their other form should be that is the only other from the ring can turn them into for the rest of the ring's existence/ wearer's life. (if the ring outlasts the wearer it will be able to be worn by someone else and that person can decide on a new form). Raine's chosen from is a large black wolf.
  • Warfans: Raine's favourite weapon, she carries around, hidden on her person, a very special set of them which look far more fearsome than the ones she keeps visible. This set is made of an unknown, but very sturdy metal. The fan is comprised entirely of the tines, and each tine is a thin and extremely sharp blade. Other than simply having more than 50 thin blade points forming the fan, which deal both piercing and slicing damage depending on how the fan is wielded, the fan is also held together by one long strand of wire made of the same unknown metal and a pin that holds the whole fan together. If both the wire and pin are removed the fan will come apart to become more than 50 long, thing throwing knives.

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