Raika Tolrondan

Run-of-the-mill street-thief that gets caught up as the antagonist of a prophecy. Protagonist of the A Blade as White as the Void storyline.

Author: Aaron
Race: Human (Dihnok)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Place of Origin: Sunis
Hair Color: Deep brown
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Appears In: A Blade as White as the Void Series


Raika is an orphan (how original) who lives as a thief (daring today, aren't we) in a merchant town where her skills are put to use. Upon members of the White Axaltus army force appearing in the town, she becomes aware of the fact that a prophecy has been made about here and the young prince, where she is destined to either destroy (the country/the world/???) or be stopped by the prince. As such, her journey revolves around distrust and fear, as she does not want to be the bad guy and is suspicious of any person that could lead to corruption. This clashes with her general personality.


Basic: Friendly, trusting, a little on the emotional side
Post Rising action: Friendly but untrusting, reckless, Light Trauma TM

Special Items

  • Sin Blade: A highly decorated black sword found struck through a statue. Contains power that reveals the latent powers of its wielder
  • TBD: N/A
  • TBD: N/A

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