Raghun is a four spatial dimensional creature who has the tendency to get himself in a lot of trouble.


Author: Xovq
Species: Nagara
Gender: Male
Age: 5 1/2 Datukir years, about 30 Earth years
Place of Origin: Datukir
Currently Located: Datukir
Length: 60'7"
Weight: 7490 lbs.
General Color: Green
Appears In: unnamed story


Raghun is a relatively young Nagara, having recently left his home to go off on his own. Not long after, he began to develop the early symptoms of a disease that is deadly to Nagara if left untreated. While other older Nagara recognized these early symptoms, Raghun was oblivious to them. When his older sister confronted him about the issue, he denied having any problems, and fled. Eventually he arrived at the Saphoro dwelling, and hid there, until his presence was noticed. As he started to flee, he came across a room with several open 'gated paths' or portals to other places. Raghun decided to go through one of these portals, which lead him to Gaiathera.


Raghun is rather mischievous and playful. He likes to tease and pull pranks especially on lower dimensional creatures. Oblivious to others' feelings, Raghun can come off as being very blunt.


  • Ana/Kata (four dimensional) Movement: Since all members of the Nagara species extend in four different cardinal directions, the ability to move in these directions is not surprising. They are capable of passing through and beyond a 3D realm. The following abilities are results of this ability.
          • Invisibility: If he moves far enough away from the 3D realm, to 3D beings, he will completely disappear.
          • Pass Through Walls: Technically, he goes around walls, but the end result is still the same. However, when he is bound to Bren, his ability to do this is hindered, as he can not make Bren go safely around the wall.
          • See Over Walls: The further his eyes are from the 3D realm, the the further he can see past boundaries.
          • Pulling Objects out of 3D: This is restricted to smaller objects. While a he may have the strength to move some larger objects, there is a greater risk of the object bending in a four dimensional direction, or breaking. Bren is to heavy for Raghun to pull out, but even if he did have the strength, he would risk killing Bren.
  • Flight: He can fly for very short distances, but he can not be carrying any extra weight.
  • Very Good Hearing His ears are very sensitive to sound, however, the range of pitches heard is not as wide as human hearing. The range does extend lower than human hearing.


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