Rafael Archer

"You'll heal."


Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Appears mid twenties to early thirites
Date of Birth:
Currently Located: Celestial Halls
Height: 5'11"
Body: Lithe, slender, well muscled
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: DARK brown
Occupation: Head combat trainer, Head tracker, Head warrior, Council member
Nickname(s): Handsome Seraph
Appears In: The Memories Trilogy



Rafael is a master over his emotions. Often appearing cold and aloof, he prefers to let logic dictate his actions, rather than emotions. (Sometimes though, people wind up going through doors….) He rarely gives anyone, save Mekana, a genuine smile. Most of the time the smile never reaches his eyes, merely being put on for "show".

Though he rarely shows his emotions, he is a loving and devoted husband and father, and is extremely protective of those he loves

Skills and Abilities

Rafael remains unmatched when it comes to combat. The only times he has been beaten, have involved either trickery or poison, something of which, according to Mekana, has gone to his head. His preferred weapons are two short swords. What he lacks in magical talent, he easily makes up for in his combat skills.

Special Items

  • Wedding ring: Simple gold band suspended on a platinum chain (caries a protection spell). The word "Always" is engraved on the inside.

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