Qirac Cuaro

Qirâc Cuaro was the 11th king of Whascique'ate. His rule brought a great and needed turning point to the history of the kingdom. He was a king that will always be remembered. Qirac was maybe disliked by the people of the time, but nevertheless he was one of the greatest kings. Even in life he got the name Warrior King.



Author: winzrella
Race: daonit
Gender: male
Year of Birth: 787
Place of Origin: Whascique'ate
Height: 160 cm (about 5'3)
Hair Color: yellowish green
Eye Color: (I still haven't completely decided ^^')
Complexion: tanned
Stripe color: violet
Nickname(s): Qirac
Appears In: the Blood of Kings (High-Sorceress)


coming soon


Read the rest of his family information if you like spoilers. These will spoil things in "High-Sorceress" and many of the stories to come.

Information for "High-Sorceress"

Age: 53-55 years (17-18 in human years)
Occupation: crownprince of Whascique'ate, officer in the army, later king of Whascique'ate

Special abilities

  • Flying: Qirâc can simply fly with out wings and with out any magic spell. To him flying is the same as walking. However, he doesn't fly very often.
  • Endurance: This is meant to be a bit of a suprise in "High-Sorceress" so it's up to you will you read the explonation.

Special Items

  • Sword: His sword has no name, but it's still a very special weapon. In it's usual form it is just a dagger. When Qirâc uses his weapon the dagger grows in lenght as much as he wants, with a limit to the maxim lenght.


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