Porom Palom Aav

Palom and Porom are the twin wizards of the magician's nation, Mysidia. Palom is an accomplished Black Mage while his twin sister, Porom, studies White Magic.


Race: Mysidian
Gender: Palom - Male, Porom - Female
Age: 5, 10 (Inter-Mezzo), 6 (Wonder:Land)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Mysidia
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Palom - Brown, Porom - Blue
Appears In: Inter-Mezzo, Wonder:Land, various FFIV Fanfiction



In Inter-Mezzo, Palom and Porom are supporting role characters in Anna's mission to learn the legendary spell, Meteo, to avenge Edward's wrongful death. Anna teaches the twins advanced magics, including spells from the second and third generation tiers. This entices Palom to become a Red Mage, like Anna, but is dissuaded by his sister, who claims the life of a Red Mage is not at all easy. Palom scoffs at this, but heeds
Porom's advice, though after a dream he has involving Anna's mother, Serafina, and Prince Edward.


In Wonder:Land, Palom and Porom are supporting role characters in Anna and Princess Daisy's quest to realign the lands of Sarasaland and Damcyan before they are permanently merged. They are left at "Castle Sarasa-Cyan" with King Edward and Luigi, and provide the occasional comic relief of the manga, whether it's baking cookies or annoying the everliving tar out of Luigi.


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