In short: blind robot chef with a mean beatin' stick.


Author: lunarkweh
Race: Warforged (living construct)
Gender: Male in personality
Age: ~7
Date of Birth: Rhaan 2, 993 (created)
Place of Origin: Flamekeep, Thrane
Currently Located: Sharn, Breland
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Hair Color: lol
Eye Color: Orange, left eye missing
Occupation: Cook
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: the Eberron Campaign Setting, D&D 3.5
Alignment: Neutral Good


Pike is what's known in Eberron parlance as a warforged, a race of sapient constructs created to fight in a massive conflict known as the Last War. He was built to serve the theocracy of Thrane, located in the northwest of the continent of Khorvaire; however, shortly after his creation, he realized that he had no desire to die for the sake of Thrane's state religion and proceeded to desert.

The catastrophe known as the Day of Mourning left him blind and more than a little traumatized, but he perseveres: currently he's working as a late-night cook in Sharn, the setting equivalent to New York City, and has managed to find a girlfriend who just so happens to be a bit of a robophile. Everybody wins?


Fairly laid-back, actually, and something of an optimist. Likes to have his way with words. If he mentions politics, do NOT engage.

Skills and Abilities

  • Cooking expertise: And a desire to expand it, natch.
  • Enhanced hearing: In order to compensate for his lost vision, Pike had his other senses upgraded—most notably, his ears.
  • Construct immunities: To use the D&D term. Warforged don't sleep, nor can they be put to sleep by magical means, and they're almost completely immune to poison.
  • Mean quarterstaff skills: Ouch.

Special Items

  • Headscarf: All warforged are built with an identifying mark on the forehead, known as a ghulra. As a deserter, Pike tends to keep his hidden.
  • Quarterstaff: Really, it's just a staff. It used to be his namesake before he snapped the end off.
  • Cannith charm: A magical pendant given to him by a friend. Enhances his hearing slightly.
  • Pants: Don't leave home without 'em.


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