Paranesia is the Goddess of Illusion and one of the characters [Galatea | Shaon]] has had over time. Though she seems to be such a massive Mary Sue, she ends up being played out in a way considered interesting by readers.

Author: Shaon Galatea
Race: Goddess, typical form is of a red fox, Vulpes vulpes
Gender: Female (physically, depends)
Age: Extremely old. Claims to be older than time, but originally died sometime during Ancient Egypt's existence
Date of Birth: ???
Place of Origin: Could be considered to be Ancient Egypt (where she first died), or the Immortal Realm (Where all gods are believed to live and originate)
Currently Located: Roams Blackstar, with occasional excursions to other universes
Height: Depends, this varies as much as her weight
Weight: Depends, this varies the most of any status
Hair Color: Depends, fur color on her typical form is a luminescent silvery color, with a white underside and black-tipped ears
Eye Color: Gray, always gray. She is unable to change her eyes. The pupils are always slitted, as well.
Occupation: Goddess of Illusion
Nickname(s): Shaon Galatea
Appears In: Blackstar Canon


These are just a selection of samples from a rather long and eventful past.

White sand, sand everywhere.

Sand covering me, sand obscuring the black fur.

I stopped choking after a while. The pain stopped after a while.

So now all I could do is stare at the sky, at the sand, at the dunes, at the far off city.

Stare at the… mermaid?

I stared blankly at the very out-of-place girl.

She was beautiful, with glistening blue scales and damp red hair. It was as if she was still in the ocean.

In one hand she held a expertly-made trident.

She extended her hand towards me.

Towards me, the ugly runt of a kitten.

"Please, will you come with me?" She said. Her voice was just as beautiful, echoing lightly against invisible walls.

"Why… me? I am but a… kitten, beaten and left to die," I said, in a language I was never able to learn.

"You are more than just that," she replied, and lightly took hold of my paw.

I felt revitalized, standing up next to her.

I glanced behind me, in time to see my face, frozen with pain, be covered in the sand.


I blinked, turning my back to the reflection in the water.

Ariel stood behind me. Ariel, goddess of water. My master.

Instinctively, I bowed, trying to avoid the Order punishing me for hesitating.

"Paranesia, I was not aware that you were so vain."

I stood back up, glancing behind me at the clear pool where my reflection still stood.

"I'm not, master goddess… it's just that… the reflections in the water. I think I can… I can make them do things, if I stare at them long enough…"

Ariel looked thoughtful for a moment.

"… Illusion… I will ask the council."

"Why did you banish him?!"

White paws slammed against the table, tails going in every direction.

"He- he was a danger-" stuttered the old man on the other side.

I snarled, glaring at the man. The golden halls wobbled with the pure rage.

"Chronos! Forte is no danger to the Council! You do not base your decisions on false prophecies! You have banished him purely because he was going to usurp your title, didn't you?!"

"P-paranesia… This is unlike you. Control yourself."

"Unlike me or not, this is completely biased. Chronos, you have earned yourself yet another enemy."

I turned, and left, graceful, as I quickly returned to my trained emotionless state.

For the leader of the High Council, the god of time is so easy to toy with. Forte is an unnecessary side note.
~Vahn, no!~

I stood, completely unable to stop the ritual, encapsulated in a pocket in the space-time continuum.

Chronos appeared as a mighty lion, and myself, a mere illusion of myself, a white tiger. The form I had appeared to Vahn Half-wolf.

What a foolish idea, associating with mortals, like I had done. All it has given me is a sneak attack by Chronos. One I had not expected, one I could not stop.

"Vahn, you have been tasked with raising Shaon. As she well knows, every few millenia, we have to go through a… 'rebirthing' ceremony. Otherwise we go a bit… crazy. Memory overload."

~Vahn, don't believe him! It's all lies! Please, don't go with it~

My mindspeak pleas are met with silence. No one could hear me, I was but a ghost.


Chronos nodded to my illusion.

It leaped into the pit, dragging myself with it.

Within the pit was a fire, a blue fire.

Which completed the ritual.

Losing all of your powers, personality, and memory is such a horrible feeling. Feel blessed that you haven't felt it.

The last thing I remember is Chronos's smirking face, as one of my memories merged with his body.

Who am I? Where am I?

That is what I would like to ask.

White. All white. I was the mere outline of a fox.

All I remember…

~Vahn, don't!~

Who are you?

I'm Shaon. Shaon Galatea. Who are you?

I… I don't know.

Snippets of another world.

A world I must see.

I found another one.

I… remember.

Paranesia. That is my name.

This isn't where I'm supposed to be.

I reached out, grabbed the other world….
"…Shaon? Are you alright?"

A catgirl stared at me, completely confused.

"You were in the middle of saying something and then you just stood there blankly."

"My name is Paranesia."


What kind of person are you? I am narcissistic, sadistic, exactly the kind of person you wouldn't want as your enemy.
What is your personality and nature? I am not one to keep alliances. I will pick and choose as I please, doing anything to fulfill my needs.
How do you perceive and respond to situations? I will respond in a way to fulfill my needs.
How well do you relate with other people? Anyone who has heard of me, I doubt will wish to get to know me.
What have your life experiences been? I am a goddess. I have seen every spectrum of experiences and several a mere mortal like you would be unable to understand.
What is most important to you? Retrieving my proper throne and usurping the impostor, Chronos.
Who is important to you? None other than myself.
What motivates you to action? Witnessing something that I could turn to my advantage.
Why would you join others in an adventure? To achieve part of my mission, no matter how small.
What do you hope to achieve? Becoming the leader of the gods, over Chronos.
What are your goals? Being respected by all gods.
What means will you use? Any that will be needed.

Skills and Abilities

Describe your Figment's abilities and skills here.

  • Natural Abilities: Immortality (though this has been proven to be removable) and omniscience, the basic abilities of a god. Paranesia is the living embodiment of illusion and the mind, having excellent mastery in telepathy and many delegations of the power, including, but not limited to, the ability to project an image into reality that does not actually exist, the ability to alter the senses in order to believe such an image is actually there, and the ability to send blasts of psychokinetic energy into a victim's mind, often causing trauma to the brain.

Special Items

Weapons: GTILD
Magical Items/Artifacts (and their powers): GTILD, the Godly Titanium Indestructable Laptop of Doom. A godly item (as in, an item made by a god, ala the Sanity Blade), GTILD is pretty much a laptop with infinite space, the ability to store corporeal objects inside of it, and the ability to teleport the user to a chosen space. Currently cannot be used by Paranesia.
Currency: Has a collection of souls, though probably has no need for them
Tools/Utensils: GTILD
Books/Scrolls: Anything in GTILD, probably
Are any of your possessions sentient? Yes, GTILD (Melissa)
What is its level of intelligence? Genius level
Can it communicate? Yes
How does it communicate? Via the speakers on GTILD
How did you acquire it? Melissa entered GTILD by complete chance while busy traveling the multiverse to her original home. She, for some ungodly reason, decided that the laptop was a better home.

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