Oubreph is a swordsman who is loyal to Lucas and has his trust.


Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old
Race: Human
Location: Dramira
Powers(s): Oubreph cannot use magic. Instead, he fights with a sword
Bio: Oubreph is a young swordsman who knew Lucas as a child. Oubreph is one of the people trusted by Lucas and as such knows that Aquaries is still alive out there somewhere. However, instead of searching for Aquaries, Oubreph has been investigating a rumor that there are two Munei left in the world. Oubreph hopes to ally with them and thus strengthen Vasguard's power. Oubreph has also become close to Esti, one of Aeditro's creations after she used her energies to heal him when he was badly wounded while protecting her in a battle.

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