Osprey is V-Squad's font of near-boundless enthusiasm, and the one member incapable of having a secret identity, due to her unavoidably obvious wings and tail.

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Author: Woodwings.
Name: Dilkara Azami.
Alias: Osprey.
Race: Human.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15
Height: 5'8''
Hair: She has long, auburn hair, which she often has to tie back to keep it out of her face. It is mostly straight, but prone to being a little frizzy.
Eye Colour: Blue.
Occupation: Junior superhero.
Appears In: Heroes of Amaranth: In Brokenness I Soar.


Dilkara is a first generation super, meaning that nobody else in her family had any powers. She doesn't know that, to be honest, but nor does she really care all that much. She views her team as her family, which is a good thing, because there would be no way of getting her a secret identity short of lopping off those parts of her that make her so useful as a hero. She has always had her wings and tail, and rarely wonders what her life would be like without them. The only memories she has that date from before she was in training to be a hero are dim recollections of a nursery.


Dilkara makes friends easily, though perhaps she trusts too early. She enjoys flying on her own, and changes her mind about things quite often. So long as she is free to soar through the sky at will, she is content, but she is acutely claustrophobic, and will panic if placed in an enclosed space. She is one of the most exuberant members of her team, and her enthusiasm is often infectious. She has a penchant for mixing different flavours of fizzy drink, and she enjoys singing.

Skills and Abilities

  • Flight: Dilkara possesses a large set of brown avian wings, and a tail to go with them. She has a rather low body weight for her size, a birdlike breathing system (which, as in avians, extends into her bones), and a high energy input requirement.
  • Enhanced vision: Her eyes are able to pick up images in a similar manner to many birds.
  • Holding breath: Dilkara has a greater capacity for air within her than most other people, and so can hold her breath for longer. This can be useful in smoky or gassy environments.

Special Items

  • Costume: Her suit consists of a light blue top (with built in, dark blue gloves) which has a pair of openings for the wings (these extend to the bottom of the top, and are fastened once the wings are inserted), a pair of light blue trousers (with opening for her tail, and with attached dark blue shoes), and a light blue mask with a beak-like protrusion over her nose.


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