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Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Angel
Gender: Male
Age: Approx 600y, Appears late 70s
Date of Birth: Born in early winter, celebrates his birthday on New Years
Place of Origin: The Sunken Isles
Currently Located: The Celestial Halls
Height: 6'
Weight: Lighter than expected
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Retired
Appears In: The Memories Trilogy


Osenrarol is probably one of the most adaptive people one could meet. After being forced from his homeland, he quickly took charge of the surviving Angels and helped them relocate to a safe place, taking over his father's position as head of the council. He continued to search for his wife up until the time he heard of her death, and the kidnapping of a child who he'd not known. Turning his attentions to saving the child, he finally managed to meet his only child, Mekana. He is very loyal, and puts his family above all else, protecting his daughter and grandson from certain death by hiding their secrets.

Skills and Abilities

  • Portal: Can open a portal to his home from any location

Special Items

He keeps several items of Nahal's (his wife) locked away in a chest, as well as a portrait of her above his fireplace.

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