Order is one of the Six High Powers. It takes a much more active interest in the ways of the worlds than the other Six, the highly ordered nature of its power rendering it much less risky to use.

Author: Aldraia
Other Titles: Yami-tor
Appears In: Dark and Light and Fire; its existence forms part of the background of the Realms of the Dragons

Order represents predictability and stability. It stands for systems, fate, and bindings.

Common strengths of those strong in Order: Organization, planning, preparation, reliability, conviction
Common weaknesses of those strong in Order: Stubbornness, unwillingness to deviate from the plan, inability to improvise
Powers commonly associated with Order: Sorting, anything which has or imposes strict rules


Order recognizes that pure and total order is little better than the pure and total lack thereof. However, it cannot realize what the correct balance is, and will never think that the worlds are sufficiently ordered. Because of this, it eternally conflicts with Chaos, sending its agents to impose greater order on the worlds.


Do you know why Order never accomplishes anything? Because it always waits to achieve perfection, and that requires eternity.


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