Nariain Arteiss

The spirit of a druidess that fiercely defends the forest around her crypt from all outsiders. her haunting has resulted in the forest being known as the Witchwood and she as the Witch of the Wood.


Author: Tharevoc
Race: Sidheaes (elven)
Gender: Female
Age: deceased at a young age
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin:
Currently Located:
Height: 160 cm
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: black
Occupation: Druidess, banshee
Nickname(s): Witch in the woods
Appears In: Fate's Foreword


Nariain has raven black hair and eyes, contrasting with a pale skin. She's quite tall for an elf, which still is a bit short for a human (160 cm). She wears simple and practical clothing with natural colours, allowing her to blend into the forest. She carries a wooden staff, the shape of which she is able to modify.


Nariain was born in the Elven nobility of the Arteiss Clan, a life she has never found comfortable. It was too restrictive with rules, formalities and etiquette. Nariain preferred long walks through the forests over extravagant parties where she was forced to wear horribly impractical dresses and bothered non-stop by the spoiled, arrogant, self-indulgent sons of her father's political allies. When her father arranged a marriage to one of them, it was the last straw and Nariain decided it was time to move into the woods more permanently. Out of spite, she left on the supposed wedding day.

The wandering girl was soon noticed by the druids, who took her in. They thought her how to tend to the land and live in harmony with it. This is what she considers to be the best part of her life, yet it did not last. At some point she stumbled upon an old crypt and found it full of undead. Zealously, she started to cleanse the place of the filth. In doing so, she even rescued an old human man. This man soon proved to be the responsible necromancer as he trapped her within the crypt. He then ripped her soul from her body and turned her into a banshee, a messenger spirit of fate.


As a druidess, Nariain values life above all else, something her mentor considered to be her main flaw. The endless years as a trapped banshee have completely weathered away her caring nature. There is little left of her beside her endless rage for the necromancer responsible for her misery, as well as all other of his kind, humans. She already considered humans to be irresponsible and uncivilized cavemen before, whose growth had best be restrained or even eliminated for the sake of all other life. Nariain has little patience left and is quickly angered by anything that irritates her. She easily resorts to violence in such a situation, but almost never to killing.

Skills and Abilities

  • Foretelling: As a banshee, Nariain has the ability to foretell how anyone she meets will die and occasionally other critical events in their lives. She will know their names and and important pieces of their history just by looking at them.
  • Banshee's wail: An ear-splitting scream that terrifies all that hear it and leaves even the most fearless warrior shaken. Can be combined with Foretelling, predicting a very imminent death. The resulting panic often makes this a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Woodtending: Druids learn how to take care of the forests. they can cure sick trees and animals and guide them into a harmonious existence. With enough training, this allows the druid to shape and bend wood. Narian, like all other druids, has shaped a staff out of a dead branch she regenerated.
  • Archery: As a noble elven lady, Nariain has learned how to hunt with a bow. Her dislike for killing prevents her from practicing a lot, though.
  • Wilderness survival: Nariain can sustain herself and any companions with whatever the land provides.

Special Items

  • Druid's staff: A staff made from a dead branch that has been regenerated by the druid him/herself. the branch is then magically shaped into the more (but not completely) straight form of a staff. As the staff is actually alive, it bears leaves and sometimes flowers.

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