Myros Taji

Myros Taji is one of the three High Priests of Faera. He is by far the most docile of the three. He is even tempered and generally either in a calm or cheerful mood in most circumstances. He acts as a balancing factor both for Alnira and Aiden. Like most Tsurienmae males Myros is open with his emotions and is highly empathic, but unlike others he isn't as overcome by powerful emotions. He was once married to a woman named Mireille, a fire fae of the Hunter clan. Mireille however was only mortal, unlike Myros who had been gifted with immortality, and so has passed on, leaving Myros occasionally being overcome by loneliness.


Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Tsurienmae (seems somewhat fae-like however due to Faera's power)
Gender: Male
Age: 34 (was 1127 when his time stopped. Is now around 4000 years old)
Date of Birth: November 3rd
Place of Origin: Kitaia, Lunaria
Currently Located: Jesai, Lunaria
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Dark Purple (at times seem almost black)
Occupation: High Priest of Faera
Nickname(s): Na Vaijda (Term of endearment, meaning "My Brother", used by Alnira), Taji
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


When Myros was young he lived with his mother and father in a small fishing village in the part of Lunaria that is on the mainland.


Myros is very calm and even tempered to the point where it can drive other people crazy to be around him. It often seems as though nothing can upset him as he handles most every situation with ease. Myros has always been even tempered and his many years of life have only added to it. Myros is very empathic, easily picking up on the torrents of emotions which come off of people around him. When he was younger his ability was so strong that it was crippling in large groups of people. Because of this his family moved to a very small fishing village on the mainland in Lunaria so that he could learn to cope with his abilities. He now has complete control over them and can be amongst large groups of people without too much trouble, though occasionally it does become overwhelming.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Sacrifice: Even after he was granted immortality Myros retains the ability to offer up his life force in order to restore life to someone who has recently died, just like all Tsurienmae can. This power was however affected by Faera's power. Instead of dying when returning someone to life Myros will fall unconscious for months until his life force restores itself. This power works the same way for Alnira and Aiden.
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Special Items

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  • Mark of Faera: Though not an item the Mark of Faera is a very important part of Myros. It stores the massive well of power that was granted to him by the Goddess Faera. The mark looks like a tribal butterfly design tattoo that is far too intricate to be created by mortal hands. The mark covers a large portion of his lower back.
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