Muir Vown d'Cannith

Lesbian cyborg artificer with a bit of a mean streak. Don't worry, though, she's on your side. Sort of.


Author: lunarkweh
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Date of Birth: Eyre 22, 976
Place of Origin: Lathleer, Aundair
Currently Located: Sharn, Breland
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green right, red (and glowing!) left
Occupation: Reconnaissance and Exploration, Cannith South
Alias(es): Ava Meitner
Appears In: D&D 3.5's Eberron Campaign Setting
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Muir was born near what is now the Aundair-Thrane border at the tail end of the Last War; however, her family was sent to the nation of Cyre on business for House Cannith; she grew up on the outskirts of Metrol, the capital, and considers herself thoroughly Cyran. Or she did, until the Day of Mourning, a magical catastrophe that all but wiped out Cyre's population and left the country a barren wasteland. On the upside, this ended the war. On the downside… well. Muir was one of the lucky few who survived the blast; she made it out with the help of Pike, a Thranish deserter, and Irid Hain, a Karrnathi officer who was every inch as lost as she was.

With the loss of its base of operations in Cyre, House Cannith splintered, and Muir threw her lot in with its remnants to the south, in the country of Breland. Since then, she's learned the scout's trade, leading expeditions into the ruins of Cyre—now called the Mournland—in search of the technology her House left behind there.

Recently, however, things have begun to change.


On first brush, Muir isn't exactly what you'd call pleasant: the loss of her homeland and House have left her more than a little off-kilter. She tends to come off as arrogant and cold to strangers, but there is a layer of decency under the Cannith veneer. You just have to dig a bit to find it.

Get her talking about poetry or dance, however, and you won't ever get her to shut up.

Skills and Abilities

  • Artificer levels: Eberron's technology is a curious fusion of magic and mechanics, and artificers have to be well-versed in both.
  • Dance: All Cyrans know at least a few dance steps, but some take it a bit further. It was one of Muir's hobbies back in Metrol.
  • Pathfinding: Lady knows her survival skills.
  • Dragonmark: As a bearer of a lesser Mark of Making, Muir has an innate ability for creation and repair.
  • Terrible Aim: Put a crossbow in her hands. Go on. Try it. (Nothing but crit fails. Seriously.)

Special Items

  • Goggles: They do nothing. Supposedly.
  • Warforged arm: Shortly after being caught in the Mourning, Muir lost her right arm to infection and subsequent mutation (and a well-meaning Karrnathi general with an axe). The minute she got to Sharn, she had a replacement made.
  • Warforged eye: Being as she lost her left eye during one fateful expedition, Muir took the Cannith route and made a new one. Desu?
  • Heather's ring: A promise ring she gave to her childhood sweetheart, Heather Rhend. Heather went missing a year before the Mourning, and this was all they found of her. Muir's hanging on to it in case she ever sees her again (spoilers: yes, yes she does).
  • Cursed crossbow: Well, at least it seems to be.


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