Miran Apurente-Ya

Miran lived a typical life of an Eastern Mysidian Ranger, taming chocobos, and doing chores on the local farm. Little did she know that she know that getting involved with a white-haired green-eyed man would lead her into a conflict spanning two worlds…


Author: Syntyche
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Middle aged
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Ranger Settlement, Eastern Mysidia
Currently Located: Borderlands Cottage Settlement
Height: 5' 5"
Build: Medium
Hair Color: Black, with Purple Undertones
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Ranger, Chocobo Trainer


Abandoned by her mother at a young age, Miran Apurente was raised by her Uncle and Aunt on the Eastern Side of Mysidia, which was sparsely populated by the people who did not have the talent, or chose not to embrace most magics. Most of her young life was spent between tending chocobos, or leading the nomadic spice-merchants on along the long caravan trails under the shadow of the Mountain of Trials.

It would just happen that she would get herself mixed up on adventures with Tellah, Max (The boy who would become the Elder of Mysidia), Kory… and the one rather uppity kitchen-servant who followed. When she first became acquainted with KluYa, no one could have guessed that the two of them would ever fall in love. There was constant squabbling on both sides - Miran would constantly rag him about his hair, strange accent and mixed up grammar. KluYa would in turn insult her humble origins and lack of simple literacy. It was only when they were left to themselves to brave the wilderness that they found that they needed each other in the face of danger. The long nights spent traveling together led to long conversations under the stars, which led to the two falling in love with each other. Not long after, KluYa proposed to Miran - who accepted, despite the fact that he was penniless, and a foreigner.

With hard work and time, the two were able to settle on their own land, and eventually have a family of their own. This was not to say that there was not hardships, mostly due to the fact that KluYa attempted to keep his true origins secret from Miran. The secrets that KluYa often shared with his son, were not shared with Miran — leading to intense stress and conflict within Zeb's heart. Though this was somewhat mitigated when Miran found out the truth, the conflict between KluYa and Zeb continued to grow. Though Miran did her best to contain the conflict between the two men in her family, Zeb would eventually leave to find his own fortune, while at the same time she would bring a second son into the family.

Unfortunately, Zemus grew restless and angry with the plan to preserve the human race, in his direct attempt to destroy KluYa and his family, arranged a great attack upon the town of Mysidia. While KluYa was battling Zemus directly, he left Miran and their son, Cecil relatively unprotected. Miran was said to have perished protecting her son Cecil at the cliff and was presumed dead during the monster-invasion of Mysidia that occured nearly two decades before the events of the Crystal War. But funny things have a way of happening in the Wayrift…


Over the years, Miran's temper has settled from a fiery and violent girl to a capable mother and strong woman. At times, she still squabbles and fights with KluYa and Zeb, acting as a buffer when the two of them are about to explode at each other.

Skills and Abilities

  • Beast Taming/Riding: Miran is particularly good with animal husbandry, and is good with caring for many animals that are native to the Blue Planet. She is particularly specialized in taming and caring for chocobos. She rides around on a chocobo named Grizz.
  • Fighting/Hunting: Miran is not a fighter persay; but she is trained in hunting and basic survival skills. She is a moderately skilled archer, mostly for hunting prey.
  • Note: Miran was raised without learning how to read and write. KluYa taught Miran how to read and write at a later age - she at least has basic literacy, though she may still get confused with some more difficult vocabulary.
  • Note2: Miran cannot use magic. If she had potential, it was not developed.
  • Note3: Miran is aware of the existence of the Lunarian people, as well as the fact that KluYa is a Crystal Master. She is one of the few humans of the Bluestar world to know this.

Special Items

  • Grapple: Sometimes you just have to climb mountains and scale those pesky walls.


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