Mekana Archer

"I'd remember if I'd forgotten!"


Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Hybrid (Angel/Mage)
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be in her early 30s
Date of Birth: June 23, 1526
Currently Located: Celestial Halls
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Never ask a lady her weight!
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Iridescent blue
Occupation: Head negotiator, teacher, healer, council member
Nickname(s): Angel
Appears In: The Memory's Trilogy



Mekana is normally calm and collected, and always doing her best to put on a friendly face around others. She is constantly struggling for control over her emotions (the source of her powers), and has been known on more than one occasion to set something on fire out of frustration.
Quick witted and well learned, she is one of the best negotiators the Angels have ever had. She also has a soft spot for children. She is a very loving and devoted mother and wife, and is very protective of those she cares about.

Skills and Abilities

Highly skilled in magic. She is also well trained in both armed and unarmed combat, preferring to use either a staff or a side sword. She has deadly accuracy with both her spells and throwing weapons.


  • sanctus incendia adeo mihi: Used to summon holy fires that burn hotter than white phosphorous. Hybrid spell
  • vox , incedo meus manuum ut vindico a vastatio pulsus ut meus hostilis: Known by most as a Smite attack. Makes her physical attacks much more potent. Hybrid spell.
  • permissum incendia of nex perussi vos: Jokingly referred to by Mekana as the "Internal Combustion" spell. Burns target from the inside out. Fire Spell
  • animus perussi: Literal translation: Soul consumer. Used on magical items.
  • Fire affinity: Self explanitory
  • Pyrokinesis: Flame manipulation
  • Hydrokinesis: Water manipulation
  • Electrokinesis: Control over electricity
  • Thoughtform: telepathic projection (a physically perceived person, animal, creature, object, ghostly entity, etc., created in the mind and projected into three-dimensional space and observable by others
  • Teleportation and Phasing: Self explanitory

Special Items

Wedding ring: A simple electrum band with the words "Forever yours" engraved on the inside. Worn on a silver chain around her neck.
Her mother's journal: Contains all her mother's notes on hybrids
A crystal vase: Filled every year with water on her wedding anniversary (Rafael places a single white rose in it)

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