Megiann Lalani

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Author: Azalea
Race: Half Human, half Ashean Fae
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Date of Birth: June 18
Place of Origin: Somewhere in Mysidia
Currently Located: A small town in Baron
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 95 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde with azure streaks
Eye Color: Blue
Nickname(s): Megi, Fish-Head, Goldfish, although if you call her the last two you're in for it.
Appears In: Against the Zombie Vegetables


Megiann was born somewhere in Mysidia, and moved to a town in Baron (which is still nameless) with her family when she was about five. Her parents are Leo and Feilla, and her younger brother is Aren. She has an Ashean Ice elemental sealed inside her do to an accident on Ashe, although how the Miyen (the elemental) traveled so far is a mystery. Being around highly magical people brings Miyen closer to freedom.


Megiann is slightly conceited, but is generally a nice person. She doesn't always think before she acts, and isn't always the smartest, but she's not stupid. She sometimes manipulates people into helping her, although it seems to be random and sometimes even subconscious. She's usually a happy person.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Shimmercloth: Megiann can create shimmercloth, a typically white, iridescent fabric that is sharp-object-proof and stain-proof. She's figured out how to get it in different colors.
  • Archery: Megiann is decent with bows and arrows. Nothing special, but it's about the only weapon she can use on her own.
  • Magic: Megiann is a mage-in-training. She's taking lessons from her mother and whatever she can find at the tiny library in her town.

Special Items

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  • Shimmercloth Bag: This was the first shimmercloth she ever created, sewn magically into a bag. It's very special to her.
  • Piece of Rock: Nobody is sure what it is. But it's pretty.

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