Max Hamilton

[KJ: KoH and RS] The real power behind the throne of Kothera, Max has spent years trying to mold the young king Telion into the same kind of powerful ruler as his father Kerenias. His dislike of Telion goes far deeper than mere disappointment in a careless ruler.


Author: KJ
Race: human, Kotheran
Gender: male
Age: late forties, early fifties?
Date of Birth: unknown
Place of Origin: Hamilton Orphanage
Currently Located: Kothberari Castle
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 270 lbs
Hair Color: peppered black
Eye Color: almond
Occupation: general, advisor to the king
Appears In: both Rising Storm and King of Hearts (18 years difference)


A foundling from the Hamilton Orphanage (from which he took his surname,; in later life, he forced the orphanage to rename itself), Max grew up fierce, stubborn, and unloved. At fourteen he entered the military, where he rose quickly. He was not ambitious for power’s sake, simply cunning and successful, with no tolerance for weakness in himself or others.

At the top of the power chain, he met his match: the King of Kothera, Kerenias Cordracone. During Kerenias' reign, the two men seemed to share one ruthless mind— as well as a love for the same woman, Iria Asmar. The awkward love triangle was obvious to all involved, but equally obvious was the fact that Iria hated Max. Max only admired her more for her defiance, since he despises most women as "weak."

Most people in Kothera are not aware that Max has had not one, but two wives. The first was a noblewoman, whom he married to win an alliance for Kerenias, despite that both parties loathed each other. That marriage ended when the woman attempted to denounce him for having an affair with a kitchen servant, only to have Max, who was Kerenias' spymaster as well as his advisor, produce evidence of her multiple indiscretions.

Max later married the servant in a civil ceremony, and had two children with her, Song and Min. His second wife passed away when the children were young, and Max had them trained up in the service of the king. He has very little contact with his children, which suits them all fine. In his own way, Max respects his daughter for the same reason as he respected Iria: because she is strong enough to detest him.

After the deaths of Iria (giving birth to Telion Cordracone) and of Kerenias (in a riding accident), Max is left essentially in charge of Kothera. He tries hard with Telion for his parents' sakes, but is frustrated with the boy's soft heart and lack of interest in ruling. His patience runs out after the Fall of Aregeist, when Telion is crippled with grief instead of becoming stronger through it. Telion's sullen defiance of Max's control is too little, too late, now that Max has decided the boy is a worthless, pitiful excuse for a king.

When Telion suddenly shows an interest in his country's welfare, and begins standing up to Max's bullying, Max is confused and alarmed, and an alarmed Max is not a healthy thing to have around. Little does Max know that it's not Telion anymore, but his lookalike.


Max is clever, cold, stern, ruthless, sarcastic, and incredibly efficient at having things his way. He has no patience for weakness. Paradoxically, he scorns the noble court and the elite as much as he looks down on the "riff-raff" from which he came. Max does, however, respect strength in many forms. Winning his respect still does not mean winning his friendship. Kerenias was his only friend.

Other Notes

  • He controls Kothera in part through Telion and in part through his immense network of spies.
  • He would dislike Telion less if Telion resembled Kerenias instead of Iria.
  • He keeps a box in his room full of Iria's sketches and half-finished drawings.
  • He did not engineer Kerenias' death (despite rumors to the contrary).
  • He has no interest in being king.
  • He treats Telion's current fiancee Kalessa Deyorne kindly, although most people see her as a frail, powerless pawn of her noble grandfather. Apparently Max finds her strong in her own way.

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