MarShi is one of those few who is not afraid of being himself. Nor is he afraid of telling you what your potential could be… Always the opportunist, he'll try to take advantage of the situation if it's possible.


Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Date of Birth: V'urnz 31 (Equivalent to July 25)
Place of Origin: Seli'ni
Currently Located: Unknown
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 109
Hair Color: Light Grey
Eye Color: Unknown (asumed to be lime green under the goggles)
Occupation: Resistance Leader
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: Will appear after Simple Beginings


MarShi is RaiTiLen's cousin. His family lived nearby to the Lens until his six year of school. They moved out of the country several years ago and no one heard any news about them since. Horrified, his aunt (CaiShi) made a formal request to the authorities to search for her missing brother and family. The case is still open but considered a cold case.


MarShi is a natural leader. If something difficult needs to be done, he delegates the right people to do the job and jumps in when needed. He believes that appearances do matter and chides others when they do not take care of themselves. Clean body, clean mind. He is extremely protective over SaiNo.

Skills and Abilities

  • Doublehand: Wield a weapon with both hands, increasing its destructive power.
  • Seal: Turns the target into stone by sealing its spirit.
  • Shadowbind: Stops target's movement by anchoring its shadow to the ground.
  • Suffocate: Immediately kills the target.
  • Ultima: Magic damages with absolute energy.
  • Shirahadori: Evade non-ranged physical attack.
  • Blinding Darkness: A technique that releases the spirit in MarShi's katana (Kotestu), loosing a wave of howling dark spirits.
  • Doomed Aspirations: A technique that releases the spirit in MarShi's katana (Kikuichimonji), wreaking havoc with its all-consuming hatred.

Special Items

  • Kotetsu: A katana with a dark violet aura.
  • Kikuishimonji: A katana with a faint red aura.


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