Father of Amberyl Ya, the outcast Lunarian with the stunning red eyes.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Lunarian
Gender: Male
Age: Pretty damn old. He only looks to be in his late thirties or early fourties. Certain individuals rotated coming out of cryogenic sleep. MamoRu wasn't one of them, but he made an agreement to be let out by one of the people on the rotation. MamoRu followed Klu Ya, the amount of time after is unkown at this time.
Date of Birth: Earth Calendar April 30 (Taurus)
Place of Origin: The Lunar homeworld (I haven't fleshed out my world much yet, so basically, that's all you get. He also doesn't share much about himself.)
Currently Located: Baron, Blue Planet
Height: 6'5" (also broadshouldered, so a large man)
Weight: 160lbs
Hair Color: White with red lowlights
Eye Color: Deep reddish maroon, looks purple in some lighting
Occupation: Former engineer; currently runs Mamoru's Sun-Shade Shoppe
Nickname(s): Mamoru, Mamo, the Red-Eyed Outcast
Likes: Outdoors, quiet, Whitemist, Amberyl, Zeb (though he doesn't admit it), bitter foods like coffee and lemon drops.
Dislikes: His dimension's Klu Ya (ZenKluYa), people in general, crowds, sweet foods.
Appears In: Nameless Final Fantasy IV story


Mamoru first appeared in a short story I wrote to introduce Amberyl's parents. He is her father.

MamoRu Ya was a Lunarian who disliked his own people, for they disliked him. Lunarians all have coloring including some variation of white hair and green eyes; MamoRu's eyes were red. He had some sort of genetic hiccup that changed the pigmentation of his eyes, and for this, he was shunned by a proud people.

He held the Ya name only as a distant cousin to FuSoYa and KluYa. He resented KluYa for his popularity, and although KluYa was eccentric; taken with the Blue Planet as more than just an prospective place to co-habitate with the humans, designing strange devices, and in generally having a head-in-the-clouds outlook (or so MamoRu felt), KluYa was stilled tolerated, whereas the color of his eyes outcasted MamoRu. Even worse, KluYa treated him as family; MamoRu had long ago decided it was out of pity (although it actually wasn't).

When it came time for the Lunarians to sleep awaiting the day they would descend to the Blue Planet, MamoRu refused. He "borrowed" smaller ship that KluYa had designed for use alongside the Lunar Whale, and went alone to the swirling blue orb. His dissent wasn't widely known; one of the few people who he didn't hate agreed to wake him up early and let him leave.

He wandered the Blue Planet for a few years, oblivious to the suspicious humans, as he was well used to being treated like an oddity. One day, he was washing his face and filling his waterskin at a clear pond near the entrance to the cave that lead to the Valley of Mist. There he met a rather surprised Mist Dragon who had taken a humanoid form. She was obviously not a human, with iceblue metallic hair, snow-white skin and those strange blue eyes.

The two were initially distrusting of each other, but travelled together in a world that neither were familiar with, as Whitemist had grown up in the Land of Summoned Monsters, under the close eye of her elders. They grew to love each other, and had a baby.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck, as it usually does. A Lunar Vampire, Kemesh Mi'Yamir, had found his own way to the Blue Planet. His purpose was to destroy all Lunarians upon that planet, in revenge for the death or Kirom, his brother. He stumbled upon Whitemist, home alone in the apartment she and MamoRu had in Baron, with their six-month-old baby, who they had named AmberYl Ya.

Kemesh murdered Whitemist and had turned his fangs upon the baby when MamoRu returned. Kemesh fled. In his grief, MamoRu returned Whitemist's body to the pond where he had met her, where it returned to her natural dragon form, then dissolved into mist. MamoRu left his baby there, unable to bear looking upon her, for he had not grown to love AmberYl; Whitemist had been his world.

This is where the story fades off, into lesser known worlds. Amberyl was long gone; MamoRu fled upon a black chocobo.

Mamoru (who had long since taken to spelling his name in a more streamlined fashion without capitalizing the R) eventually settled in a small villiage near Mt. Ordeals. He felt the disturbances in the world as the time passed, and when Baron started militarizing en force and the Crystals started being stolen, he went up to the Mountain.

There, he followed his feelings to the crystalline chamber where Klu Ya's soul resided.

He had so long hated his cousin, but seeing the shadow that he had become instilled a cold sense of guilt in Mamoru.

They talked for a long time, KluYa about his sons, and Mamoru about the daughter he abandoned. He feared then for Amberyl. He had never tried to find her, nor had he even confirmed she was alive.

Eventually, he returned to the midwife's hut. She had long since passed, but two hunters in the area knew of the abandoned baby. Mamoru didn't reveal he was the father, but acknowledged he knew the family and they were looking for their daughter. He heard their description of the people who took Amberyl in, and went in search of them.

Eventually, Mamoru found an Etherian contact on Blue Planet. Through this contact, he learned of his daughter's status. They agreed to meet once a month at the summit of Mt. Ordeals and discuss Amberyl.

As far as Amberyl's RP developement goes, she still has not met her father. As far as off-line character developement goes, Mamoru did finally meet her.

They discuss Lunarian culture, although he can't bring himself to discuss Whitemist or Mist Dragons. THey go to the pond where Whitemist was laid to rest every year, and mist always rises from the pond to greet them. Mamoru is slowly warming up.

Connection to Blue Star and Darkstar figments:
MamoRu is the dimensional cousin, as it were, to KluYa, and so a second cousin to Ben, Zeb, and Cecil. Mamoru has occasional conversations with BS KluYa, usually about Zeb and Amberyl, who constantly bicker. Mamoru likes to refer to KluYa as Short Stack. He has grown more comfortable talking to him, even if it is a dimensional counterpart of his real cousin.

Mamoru doesn't really exist in the original world, Aywren's world, or Syn's world, naturally.

He dislikes Koriro because Kory is a dirty old man :3

Latest developements:

Mamoru now has opened up a sunglasses shop at the suggestion of KluYa >D

Whitemist has rejoined his "family", and he seems to be warming up a lot more. He actually makes jokes on occassion!!


MamoRu is grumpy, surly, and generally bad-tempered. His only source of happiness was Whitemist. He has closed up emotionally since then.

RP-wise, he's going to be a big fat jerk.

But if RP is placed in more current events, after having Amberyl back with him for a few years and Whitemist's return to him, he has warmed up a little, but is still cold to most stranger

Skills and Abilities

  • White and black magic: Uses both primary types of magic with some skill
  • Skilled Hunter: He's learned to hunt while on the Blue Planet
  • Lunarian Engineer: Advanced knowledge of technology (for the Blue Planet), and used to help design and engineer the equipment that would be needed to move to the Blue Planet.
  • Mamoru Frown(tm): apable of sending small animals scurrying and the faint of heart cowering


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