Lord Naboyshi

Naboyshi was an elf that played a big part in the history of Whascique'ate. His biggest legacy to the kingdom is the hisoty books he wrote telling the stories of the past kings and the kings of his time. His origin, however, was not in Whascique'ate.



Author: winzrella
Race: northern elf
Gender: male
Year of Birth:
Place of Origin: unknown
Height: 168 cm (about 5'6)
Hair Color: jet-black
Eye Color: pale orange
Complexion: pale
Nickname(s): -
Appears In: the Blood of Kings (High-Sorceress)


coming soon


The rest of the family information is a big spoiler for the stories to come!

Information for "High-Sorceress"

Age: 189-191 years (21 in human years)
Occupation: royal history writer of Whascique'ate

Skills and Abilities

  • Naboyshi is a mage of extraordinary skills with magic which grow in power the older he gets. He uses them a lot, but does not depend on them. Despite him having more magical abilities than many in Whascique'ate, he is completely unable to use healing magic.

Special Items

  • Wooded pearls: At young age he had a hard time to control his magical powers so he stored most of them in a set of pearls which he uses to bind his hair.
  • Advisor's cape: After Qirâc makes him an advisor he gets this heavy cape as a symbol of his position.


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