A young man whose past and abilities are shrouded in mystery, he travels the world to find where he belongs. He is gifted with the unusual power to modify the molecular structure of various materials with his mana.


Author: Abyrae and Michael Ramirez
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-20s
Place of Origin: Unknown
Height: 5'10" (177 cm)
Weight: 180 lbs (81.6 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation: Shaper
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: The Outrider Chronicles


Hardly anything is known of Lobo's past before he was taken into the Shapers' Clan. When members of the clan found him in the forest, he was already showing considerable skill in shaping and other druidic arts even though he was still just a boy.

After long years of training, he became a full member of the clan and was tasked to venture out and prove his worth among the common people. During his initial adventures, Lobo ran into Nibs, and though they do not speak of the incident, he earned the roguish Mouculus' trust and friendship.


Generally quite calm and even-tempered, Lobo is usually good-natured and friendly, if not a bit quiet. He can almost appear to be naive at times, but in reality he is quite aware of what is really going on around him, though he has little experience with high society graces or etiquette. He tends to keep the use of his powers to a minimum unless a situation requires otherwise.

Skills and Abilities

Lobo's major talent is his shaping ability, which is a form of druidic magic that involves intricate understanding of the material world and the elements to a point where an experienced practitioner can change the basic chemical and physical properties of minerals for a brief period of time. While regular mages distort the laws of basic nature to create their desired results, Shapers are capable of using materials that already exist and changing how they behave in order to achieve their goals.

From making metal bend and tear like paper, to making wood stretch like rubber, to making cloth be able to stop bullets, Lobo has the ability to take control of the surrounding world and use it to his advantage at a speed unheard of for any other known Shaper. Though common usage of shaping magic requires the mage to physically shape the item they are working with their bare hands or tools, Lobo has refined his magical talent so that with only slightly extra effort he can force the molecules of whatever he is touching to take a form he wishes without having to mold it himself, though this is limited to fairly simple shapes. He has also refined his craft so that he can control precise numbers and locations of molecules within an item or environment. While an average Shaper would end up having to infuse a large section of a boulder with energy in order to break it into smaller parts, Lobo is capable of forming mono-molecular cuts in the same stone, not only saving a great deal of mana but also allowing him to work much quicker.

He is also capable of controlling the earth to an extent, either separating loose ground to form holes or trenches or fusing it into movable sheets which he uses most often to trip opponents.

Lobo’s ability to use his magic skills in combat make him an oddity to his clan, which is one reason why he was sent out into the world at large, to see just what he is capable of. With his magical talents, he is also quite skilled with the staff and thrown weapons, as well as wilderness survival and herbal medicine.


Lobo literally wears all he owns, though this has not hampered him. Nominally, the only weapons he carries are a simple hunting knife and some rune engraved darts, though he is much more dangerous than he first appears.

His main weapon is a large camping blanket he made himself out of special fibers that have been infused with his mana, causing it to react to his thoughts as if it was a part of his body. This large blanket normally serves as an overgarment, but with a simple movement, it can become an amazingly strong staff or spear as well as a durable tower shield or whatever tool he might need at the time.

His hat is also a dangerous weapon, as it is made from the same fibers as the blanket. Lobo can quickly cause it to become a razor sharp discus that he can throw with deadly accuracy. Since it is attached to his life-force, he can also have it return to him as if it was a boomerang.

Lobo also carries a supply of rune-inscribed small darts, which do not appear very dangerous at first glance. In reality, they serve as an arcane link to him, through which he can use his powers much more efficiently, even from a great distance.


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