Lily Tylanea

(Princess) Lily Sophie Tylanea is a delusional girl under the influence of the Goddess Kelsa of Bright Fire.


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Author: Azalea
Race: Human (mostly)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Date of Birth: According to Kelsa, September 16th. Truthfully? Who knows.
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: In the (to be renamed) Palace of the Kelsai (up in the sky)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: Unknown (heavier than she looks)
Hair Color: White-blonde, ridiculously long, (magically?) split into two pieces.
Eye Color: Dark brown, though under Kelsa's influence, purple.
Occupation: Spearmage, Princess, Captain of the Kelsai
Nickname(s): Lili
Appears In: Lifestories of Losers


Lily was born the second child, though she has no memory of anything before she was ten. She tried to save her older sister, Daisy, and in exchange for her life, agreed to serve Kelsa. Kelsa kidnapped her and brought her to another dimension where she was raised to Kelsa's demands. When she was brought back to her home dimension, she was under Kelsa's influence with a specially broken moral compass. She kills people without a care.


Lily is cheerful, friendly, demanding, vain, self-absorbed, confused, at a loss for reality, and wants to know who she really is more than anything else. Due to Kelsa, she has few morals and has no trouble killing people. She does most things Kelsa orders her to, admittedly under slight mind-control. Lily loves to read and write, particularly poetry and fanfiction.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Agility: Lily is extraordinarily agile and is capable of leaping off buildings without injuring herself, and does so regularly on missions or just for fun.
  • Spearwork: Lily is very good with a spear and can fight and throw it. Her favorite spear is named Rial.
  • Magic: Lily is an adept mage and can cast a variety of spells both destructive and restorative. (though she is admittedly far better at destructive magics due to her training focusing on those.)
  • Fau-rin: A fau-rin is a musical instrument similar to a flute. Lily plays one of these in her free time.

Special Items

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  • Rial: Lily's favorite spear. It is very special to her and is custom-made for a spear-mage.
  • Necklace: Lily occasionally wears this necklace. It was found on her after Kelsa brought her to the other dimension, and she keeps it as a link to her missing past.


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