Lilium Noir (teen)

Lilium is a girl who has the fortune - or misfortune - of randomly being taken from her own world and dropped into the world of others. The only such event currently being chronicled is her adventures in the Vampire Hunter D universe.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Around 17
Date of Birth: September 7
Place of Origin: "normal" universe/Bremerton, WA (at beginning of story)
Currently Located: In the Vampire Hunter D Universe. Since most recent chapter, in a forest facing down D himself in hopes of buying Meier Link more time.
Height: 5 foot 9 - 10 inches
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Dark brown with coppery tones
Eye Color: Dark brown
Occupation: N/A
Nickname(s): Lil, "Your Friend"
Appears In: Vampire Hunter D: Unsettling Futures


Lilium is an average just-about-out-of-schoolgirl. She has a tight knit group of friends, who she occasionally stays with over weekends in a house in Bremerton belonging to her friend Nida's father. She has no really interesting points in her current past.


Lilium is sweet and understanding. When she is kidnapped by the Barbarois hired to protect the vampire count Meier Link, and she overhears their plea for him to drink her blood, she outright offers it to him. Not being a native of the Frontier, she doesn't know of any of the world's trouble with the Nobility, and simply offers to do this out of kindness. She befriends people relatively easily, but has low self-esteem and is sometimes prone to questioning her worth and the reason for their friendship.

She also has a very stern sense of right and wrong, and will stand up for others even if she won't stand up for herself. She willfully puts her life in danger to help other people based on her own possibly misguided principles.

Skills and Abilities

  • Empathy: Lilium has a natural empathy which is not uncommon for people who are overly compassionate. However, this empathy is heightened by being in D's world, and extends to being able to feel the emotional presence of others. It even goes so far as to interfering with D.
  • Precognition: Lilium will occasionally have prophetic dreams, but rarely recognizes them as such. She usually uses this ability through Tarot readings.
  • * Empathetic Access to Memories: Lilium seems to be able to access other people's memories, but so far, this has only happened with one person…
  • Red Thread: A mysterious bond between herself and the Vampire Hunter D….
  • Tenacity: Lilium's outright refusal to stand down when someone else is being threatened. Gives her a plus 1 to her Int and Str scores — oh, wait, sorry, wrong medium…

Special Items

NOTE: Items marked with a (!) are obtained at the END of the story, and do not apply to the most recent chapter.

  • White dress: A two-layered dress of summery materials. White. Tied with blue and green ribbon and cinched with a silver belt. This was the article of clothing left for her upon the group's awakening in Gaelin.
  • String of Pearls (!): A string of freshwater pearls, each small bead separated by an even smaller crystal.
  • Tooth: Appears to be some sort of fang. Lilium cries uncontrollably when she looks at it, and doesn't even know why.

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