Leech - Archetype of Restraint.
Meaning well, but dangerous to any and all he meets.


Author: Ven
Race: Archetype
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Date of Birth: N/A
Place of Origin: N/A
Currently Located: Wasteland
Height: 6ft
Weight: ~11st
Hair Color: Light/dusty brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation: Desert wanderer
Nickname(s): Any name is an affectation.
Appears In: Wasteland



Gentle, shy, friendly. Incredibly self-aware and conscious of others present at all times. Rarely able to relax. Can come across as overly stiff and formal, certainly comes across as strange.

Skills and Abilities

  • Lifedrain: Contact with his bare skin causes intense pain to Archetypes, and leeches the life from all others. Effect on the Twins unknown.
  • Forearm spurs: Poisonous, potentially deadly.
  • Spearcraft: Able to hunt well enough to support him and at least one other. Rarely fights, and is always defensive.
  • Voice: All but the most suspicious will instinctively trust and support him.
  • Daze: A mild form of unconscious hypnosis.

Special Items

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  • Red Scarf: A gift
  • Mask: Metal/ceramic alloy plates covering the lower half of his face.
  • Goggles: Desert light is bright.
  • Spear: A bog-standard ash pole with a pointy bit on the end.

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