Layla Alune

Layla is technically the 'girl next door', but that stereotype is quite off.


Author: Azalea
Race: Tayana
Gender: Female
Age: Child (varies through story)
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Laelha
Currently Located: Laelha
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Occupation: Student
Appears In: Camelle and Adrian's Past


Layla Alune is the daughter of famous actress/singer Ikira Alune. She grew up in a rich area, full of mansions, including Shira DelFan‘e’s mansion. Layla goes to the same school as the twins, and is generally a 'popular' girl because her mother is famous. She doesn't like the twins very much because they're weird. Enough happens to change her mind and she becomes good friends with Camelle.


Layla seems superficial at first, but she's actually a lot deeper than you can tell unless you know her well. In all honestly, Camelle is probably the only person who knows her well enough excepting family.


Layla's hair is unusual enough that it deserves a whole section. XD
Layla is the unhappy owner of pink crazy hair. Her hair is curly and sticks out every which way no matter how long it is. It's not even coordinated enough to form an afro. Curly spikes, anyone? Ever since she was old enough to notice it, she's insisted on having it in microbraids. Oddly enough, the only pieces that aren't crazy are in front. This works nicely to frame her face.
How much of Layla's microbraided pink hair can YOU stand?
Her hair is an anomaly.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Singing: Layla inherited her mother's voice.
  • Electric: Layla is gifted with electric-elemental magic.
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