LauKri is an adventurous book worm. If she's not in a Library, she's in a ruin.

Author: Yllamse
Race: Lunar
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Date of Birth:
Place of Origin: Runne
Currently Located: Dilapilated Library
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair Color: White (Grey Highlights that glow blue when she casts magic)
Eye Color: green
Occupation: Student
Nickname(s): N/A
Appears In: Coming soon


LauKri was considered a late bloomer when it came for magic. The Manor discovered her at the age of 7 when she had a fit and caused a gust of wind to blow several cooking supplies along with dishes out of her parents’ dwelling. They quickly took her into custody and placed her in a remedial class to catch her up with her peers.

Slow in progress but a master of what she would grasp, the Manor encouraged her take extra classes and practice after hours causing her to be a bit of a pariah among her peers. In time and with bitter practice, LauKri’s grasp of Elemental (black) magic became phenomenal and she was tutoring the younger children with their studies. It was discovered that she had the capability to learn Holy (white) magic as well and was being instructed a week before Runne was destroyed.

Kluya found LauKri leading a few of the younger students outside when the disaster began and encouraged her to follow him.
This one act saved her from death but it provoked the inevitable event of being in cold sleep for a century.

When she woke, she had the strong desire to continue her studies. Even though she hasn’t mastered the Holy realm of Magic, she has begun to master the little that she had learned and continues to work harder with a bit of encouragement from FuSoYa.


LauKri is a quiet individual unless provoked. She’s rather serious about her work and study (She can be usually found in a specific section in the library in the mornings) but can be known to enjoy a good prank here or there. Because of her outbursts and her somewhat seclusion from her peers, she’s very inept in social interaction. She seems to do much better interacting with youngsters and her seniors than actually trying to get along with someone her own age.

If engrossed in her work she has been known to ignore everything around her. Getting her attention requires physical contact or a REALLY loud sound.

If she’s not in the library, she’s out and about exploring and applying what she’s learned. LauKri is curious in nature but has a tendency not to ask and go figure the answers on her own.

Skills and Abilities

-Has grasped Elemental magic and is on the verge of mastering the specific circle of magic.
-Limited use of Holy magic.
-Is very flexible and nimble. If she wanted a specific book and it was placed out of reach, she has the nasty habit of climbing up and retrieving the book without spells, stools or ladders. This has taught her how to fall without causing too much damage to her or the books.
- A bit slow at learning new magic but once she’s learned it she can manipulate it to a certain degree.

Special Items

- Her mother's ribbon


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