Larsu is a young Makki tercel and Astral Wanderer with the tendency to to get pulled into all sorts of unusual situations, most involving some form of adventure. Something like an extraterrestrial Indiana Jones.

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Author: Weomur
Full Name: Li'ek'k'ri'ak'dzu To'bu'rai'deh, short form: La'ri'dzu
Race: Makki
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Date of Birth: About April 17, 3024
Place of Origin: Recci
Currently Located: Earth
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 97 pounds. Mostly bone and feathers.
Feather Color: Rust-colored, with some gold and black
Eye Color: Yellow
Occupation: Astral Wanderer/G.E.C. Explorer
Nickname(s): Larsu, E.T., Birdie
Appears In: Za'ti Rakkadan

A Note on Names

As is the case with most Makki, Larsu's full name is actually Le'ek'k'ri'ak'dzu To'bu'rai'deh. Although he has a shorter name, La'ri'dzu, that's used when speaking to friends (and foreigners who can't pronounce the full name), some find even that somewhat difficult to pronounce; thus, his name has been shortened to a doggerel form of his original name, Larsu. Although he was originally quite insulted by this, he's come to rather like it, and has come to introduce himself as Larsu to people he meets on his travels.


Larsu's young life was largely uneventful. Born on the northern part of Recci's main continent, He was raised by his mother, Ta'shr'ku'eh'dzu (Shr'ku'dzu), and his father, Be'im'ku'mi'ji'dzu (Ge'mi'dzu), in a small fishing village that managed to survive only because of its placement between the coast and a nearby large city, Gek'ma. Most of his childhood was spent here, helping his father fish and learning basic math, literature, and history from his mother. At seventeen he left for the city, where he got a job as a janitor in the Starport, and, later, as a secretary. Due to his connections and relatively good test scores, he found himself scripted into the G.E.C. as a minor crew member. Over the years, he managed to work his way up to the position of Captain and explorer, and currently pilots the small, largely automated ship he named the Rakkadan. Other than the Computer, he is the only member of the crew, preferring his solitude. Currently he acts as a glorified courier and explorer, carrying messages between systems and exploring the outer edges of the Galaxy.


Larsu is… eccentric, even by Makki standards. He has a tendency to say and do whatever he cares to do, and acts rather unusually. Larsu also has very little respect for rules and authority, which has, needless to say, gotten him in trouble with the G.E.C. on multiple occasions. However, he is also adventurous and ambitious, which has gotten him far. Although he dearly loves his home, he also has a genuine interest in foreign lands and cultures, and enjoys seeing new places. Although he is a bit of an "alcoholic" (Go'kudi juice contains no alcohol, although it has similar effects) and suffers rather spectacular hangovers, he manages to usually keep business before pleasure. Usually.

Skills and Abilities

Larsu has no specific skills or abilities, other than his natural flight. He also knows the firing end of a beamgun and is possessing of the ability to mangle the grammatical rules of just about any spoken language, other than his own.

Special Items

  • Mask: According to Makki tradition, Larsu wears his mask at all times. It's very simply made- carved bone, adorned with some feathers and beads. There are two small bone horns attached.
  • Beamgun: It has the unfortunate tendency to stop working at the most vital of times, but it's saved him from many a dire situation.
  • Rakkadan: Larsu's ship, the Rakkadan, is small and rather ugly, but he loves it more than any woman, making it the butt of several jokes on the part of other captains. It looks a little bit like a motorboat… in space. It's decorated with some purple sails which serve no practical purpose whatsoever but look kind of nice… if a bit gaudy.

Figment Corner

*Ladies and gentlemen, humans, aliens, and otherwise, make way for the one and only Larsu!*

*waves* Ahgkh. Hello. I am Larsu…

*Stop being so shy, oh great galactic explorer!*

I-I have not spoken much to humans before! And I am not knowing who will be reading this, or who will care to read it, or who will think what of it and when…

*Where did this come from all of a sudden? What about that time on Raido, with the barbarians and such? And you were the only one who knew the language at all?*

Having known twenty-five words found in old history book does not count as "knowing language."


Bah. *waves hand* This is… different! And time on Raido was not half as bad as that time on the Nadi moon, with the horde of angry Kite-snakes. Were only proto-sentient. I had to negotiate by… ah… nevermind. That is boring story. I am not wanting to bore anyone…

Yes. So. This is where I speak of myself, apparently. I am not sure what to say…

Kraah! Kakkad! There is much to speak of! I could speak of next assigned station, or very pretty flower I saw yesterday, or how annoying it is to be in molt…

Gah. I shall settle for all, even if it is making me look like talkative little hatchling with attention problem. Next assigned station is called Bard'dun, but I am not needing to be there for some time, so I am relaxing until then. It is very nice to spend time relaxing and not flying about and shooting things. However, there is little to do until then, so I am not sure what to do for fun. Perhaps I might learn something? New language? I am not knowing… any advice?

I have promised, and so I continue. Flower. It was very small and blue and nicely-shaped and I liked it. I have not yet seen spring yet here, so I do not know all flowers, but this was nice. I believed I have unnerved others, though, for I lay on ground looking at flower for some minutes. I am not strange! I swear! My feathers are red but I am no Redfeather!

*He means that he isn't crazy. Apparently red Makki have a habit of wandering off into Recci's ice packs and coming back completely insane.*

Yes. That. Many thanks for having clarified. *sighs* Now I am mostly likely looking more crazy.

Onward! Molting is a bothersome thing, for it is itchy and… gah. I do not know word. Feathers are always everywhere during molt, flying all over. I take a step and someone sneezes. Feh! Cannot wait until it is over.

…And now that I have spoken of such things, it was slightly… ah… what is it that Weomur is always saying? Keff-ah-tick. No. That is not right. Cath-ha-tik? I think that is it. Or close. Whatever! There was much loss-of-stress. Hm. Perhaps I should be doing this more often, speaking to people who will likely not listen at all. *shrugs* Having seen what Ghost has said, I am afraid I look not friendly or not talk-often. I assure I talk often with people who are being close. Talking to people far-far-far away who may see or may not for no real reason is strange.

But I digress.

Farewell, to those who have listened to this ranting, and to those who have not, maybe you have saved yourself from torture and anguish! Not that you will know. Because you have not read, you see… it is a joke…

*That was weak.*

…Yes. It was.

*In following with Larsu's remarks, I bid you all a very avid farewell, and hope that you will all return sometime soon!*

I do not!


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