Lady Anet

Lady Anet was just a young village girl untill the symbol of a high-sorceress appeared on her hand. She had to follow the path of a high-sorceress and also leave her home village never to live there again.



Author: winzrella
Race: human
Gender: female
Year of Birth: 712
Place of Origin: Whascique'ate
Height: 153 cm (about 5')
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color:
Complexion tanned
Nickname(s): Anet
Appears In: the Blood of Kings (High-Sorceress)


Coming soon!


  • Parents: deceased
  • Sister: Imbuanya
  • Dog: Sun

The rest of the family information is kind of spoilerish.

Information for "High-Sorceress"

Age: 15-17
Occupation: to-be high-scorceress

Skills and Abilities

  • Sruyanet is a high-sorceress and thus so she possesses special abilities ment for destroying jarac'huais.

Special Items


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