Lacryma is a sorceress and sage, who has a old relationship to the Arweinydd and in particular with Zemi Dregiau. Once believed by him to be the physical manifestation of his sister, Zeni Avaniau; new lore has surfaced painting a far.. different image of a once familiar face. Finally able to remember her past, Lacryma has stories to tell to those who will listen. But the question is.. who do they see? Do they see who she has become? Or who she "once was"? Is she still welcomed as friend and kin?

Time marches ever on..

Sometimes to a pleasing and joyful reunion..
Other times to a barren morrow bereft of promise..


Author: Lacryma

Race: Human?

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: The Infinite Ways
Currently Located: The Blue Planet
Height: 5'11
Weight: 152
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye Color: Blue/Silver
Occupation: Sage
Nickname(s): Lac, Ms. Brightgloom, Shi'zatha (by Curanus)
Appears In: Final Fantasy IV, The War of Lights (Unwritten); Final Fantasy IV, Wanderers from the Blue Planet (RPG Maker 2003 Custom Game, Complete!)


Lacryma is tight-lipped on who she is and doesn't speak openly of her past, save to those who can sense her and whom she in turn can sense as have been touched or have a kinship to the Arweinydd. To most people she is just a calm and relaxed Sage, content to share a drink with you, listen to your struggles with a smile, and then slip out like the morning mist, there for a time and then gone again.

When called into battle however her personality changes and she can wield terrible magic to great effect if called to do so. She keeps a great deal of mental control on her abilities and even when the enemy is someone she truly despises, she strives to apply only as much force as is needed to end the engagement, peaceably if it can be, brutally if it is the only way to stave off further tragedies.


Lacryma is a upbeat and kindly woman most of the time. Reflective and calm, she is not unlike a Sage from Mysidia offering advice and serving as a confidante to those who take her into their trust. She seems to know much on the Arweinydd, including why it is the Blue Planet regards Arweinydd as alien beings.

She sometimes can be as much of a prankster as Zemi, and she's a fierce proponent for the belief that Arweinydd deserve to experience all that they can. However she is also grounded in a grim knowledge of what chaos can do.

Skills and Abilities

  • Dre-Distau: Many years ago, Lacryma had several encounters with the Arweinydd Zemi Dregiau, who mistook her for his lost sister, Zeni Avaniau. In part this confusion stemmed from Lacryma's own past, and her ability to sooth dragons and summoned monsters, not unlike what Asa-Hi and Rydia can achieve.
  • Summoning: As with her rapport to connect with and interact with dragons, Lacryma shares a kinship with the summoned mosters of the Blue Planet and as such she is able to call upon them at times of need, providing of course she has faced them alone and without magic in the "trial" which all summoners must undertake. Some summoned monsters look on her with contempt however. Jinn refuses to heed her summons, and Odin has a grave look when called, as if judging her before rendering aid..
  • Chantier: (White Magic): Lacryma is highly proficient in the arts of white magic, particularly rejuvenatory spells, soul soothing, and curse lifting. These are holy arts that stem from Chantier, a branch of offensive white magic which has ties to the power of the Paladin, and interconnects to an ancient time, largely forgotten. She is a particularly dangerous enemy to enemies that have a "chaos" taint in them like Zeromus or Golbez, though due to inner duality of her spell-casting; it is conceivable she could modulate her magic-fields and utilize Voltier to heal even those who are adversely affected by such spells.
  • Voltier: (Black Magic): The antithesis of Chantier, Voltier is a form of magic that taps into the dark matter that flows unseen through out the universe. Gravity spells such as Demi draw off this magic, as do various curses, affliction techniques, and abilities aimed at entrapping or nuetralizing the Light, and stripping magical enhancements. This spell school is what makes her dangerous in combat with Arweinydd, as "Light with Awareness" often finds it impossible to escape the grasp of a sentient black-hole. Lacryma tries to limit herself to elemental black magic, and avoid the use of higher offensive Voltier spells because of the risk that she could be swallowed up by the Chaos if she channeled too much at once.

Special Items

  • Vol'seric: A long and thin rod forged in the ancient Kingdom of Onralt. It is both a wizard's focusing staff, as well as a reminder to Lacryma of the dangers that power abused can have.
  • Locket: A Old piece of jewelry with a image of a woman that looks a great deal like her, sitting with a overly hyper Red Mage, a female Knight, two sorcerers, and a person of an unknown race with a small red mark on his brow. It appears to be an extremely ancient and plays a distinctive melody when opened. The reverse has a second picture of Lacryma, her brother, and several close friends.

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