Author: Maracate
Race: Spirit
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown (ancient)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Unknown
Currently Located: Meddon
Height: 6'3"
Weight: Weightless
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Glowing Blue
Occupation: Siren
Nickname(s): Korlera, Kor
Appears In: Between the Worlds


Very little is know about Kay’s past. She refuses to speak about the events that happened before one of Ash’s ancestors found the stone in which she rested.


Kay has a rather strange way of doing things. More often than not, they don’t make sense to people. It is rather lucky for her that the only person that knows of her existence understands her perfectly, as they share a Spirit-Bond. She is easily amused, and often convinces Ash to pull small, childish pranks on other people. She’ll readily heal any injuries that Ash may get, while at the same time making fun of her for getting injured in the first place.

Skills and Abilities

* Magic: She can use just about all forms of magic, though she is strongest in Water and Vocal, due to the Siren influence.
* Summon: She can summon a staff, though whether or not she knows how to fight with it is completely beside the point.
* Stone-lock: For reasons she refuses to disclose, she is locked within a thumb-sized red stone. She has no way to free herself from this, and seems to fear the idea of doing so without a body for her to return to.
* Bond: As a Spirit, Kay can bond with a person, inadvertently making them stronger in the process. However, she can only bond to one person at a time, and the bond only holds so long as they are wearing the stone she is locked in. If the stone is removed, them the person reverts back to the state they were in when she first bonded with them.
* Mist-travel: Though she is no ghost, Kay can freely travel to and draw energy from the Mists. She prefers not to, though, because she finds the Mists horrendously depressing.
* Manifest: With the aid of the one she is Spirit-bound to, she can manifest on a somewhat physical level. However, she is somewhat transparent and often has difficulty staying sold. She also cannot go more that ten feet away from the stone she is locked in.

Special Items

  • D'Dyfria: A strange black staff with magical properties that she can summon at will.
  • Pendent: A smooth, thumb-sized blue coral pendent.


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