KluYa, Alias, Kale Hansen

KluYa, the father of the Hero Cecil and the Harbinger Theodore. KluYa is a pradoxical individual, the type of man who loves the feeling of flying, but is afraid of heights (the reason he dislikes Cid's open-air airship design). He approaches everything in his life with the same measured patience.

Author: Rosethornzero
Race: BeyLarc
Gender: Male
Age: Physically 25-34
Date of Birth: October 11th
Place of Origin: The Keep, BeyLar
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 122 lbs
Hair Color: White w/ purple highlights
Eye Color: Dark Violet
Occupation: Paladin, Seer, Professor of Magic
Nickname(s): Klu, Kay
Appears In: Gaelach Baile, Gaelach Ros, Gaelach Tine, and Gaelach Breithe


KluYa was one of the last Lunarians to be born in The Keep, where the Highblooded BeyLarc dwelled. Born into the Highblooded society, much of KluYa's early life was lived with the expectation that he would become a powerful mage and then a Watcher, and he became nearly as impassive as all the other children in The Keep. Thankfully for KluYa, his Magic did not show itself, and he was expelled from The Keep for being a 'Defective,' where he was taken in by the Dar Family, a Lowblooded family who lived in The City.

KluYa was raised by NoiDar and his wife, JaeLoi along with their son TilDar. He was always under the careful gaze of his birth grandfather, TaeOhYa, who had fled The Keep himself long ago, when he had experinced something that awakened him to the soulessness of the Highbloods. Tae was also TilDar's grandfather, and the three spent many long hours together, tinkering with machines and playing games.

KluYa was a particularly skilled engineer, as was TilDar, and they entered The City's Engineering Academy together at age 20. Here they met ZemUs, with whom they quickly forged a close bond, as ZemUs admired the ships they built and had dedicated his life to flying them. Four years passed without incident, until KluYa suddenly and violently came into the full capacity of his powers when his first Sight hit him, causing him to reel over in pain in the middle of a class. What he Foresaw was the destruction of BeyLar, and, fourtunately, what would be the means of escape for the BeyLarc people; a giant Crystal Sphere the size of their smallest Third Moon.

Along with his Sight came other powers, including a Holy Light, a resonnance between the man and The Crystals that the BeyLarc used to power everything in their soceity, and terrifying new magical powers that he had no idea how to control. Unfortunately, no one but TaeOhYa, the Dars, and ZemUs believed in KluYa's new abilities, and so the young Engineer-in-training and his friends set out to build the very Crystal Sphere KluYa had Forseen.

It was only when the first tremors of The Meltdown struck the planet twelve years later that KluYa was believed and taken back into The Keep. By then, KluYa had become quite comfortable with his new life and his newfound powers, and being taken back into The Keep was like moving from a place of color and vibrancy to live amoung the dead. The only thing that The Keep taught KluYa was that he could make Crystals, and that he was one of the few who were able to, not just in The Keep, but in all of BeyLar's history. The one positive to his time spent in The Keep was that he met his elder brother, FuSoYa, and convinced the drone like man to live, causing him to awaken to the soulessness of The Keep as well.

KluYa was broken out by his firends, whom he had made swear to finsish the Crystal Sphere, when their project was complete several years later only to have another Sight, this one so massively confusing that no one knew what to make of it. Taken back to The Keep, KluYa was locked away and forbidden from reproducing, The Watchers (among them his Sire, TuYa) refusing to let his 'Corruption' pass onto his offspring. FuSoYa, standing up for his younger brother, was sentenced to death because he was believed to be 'corrupted' as well, and he was a nonessential. Once more, KluYa's friends came to his rescue, and the young man was taken back to The City, along with his brother, his brothers young son LiChuYa, and a multitude of other Keep children, whom they were determined to take with them on the Crystal Sphere to the New World KluYa had Forseen so long ago.

The world soon came to decay, and in a blink of an eye, KluYa and many other escaped the destruction of their world, sealing themselves within a deep sleep as they traveled through the depths of space. Unfortunately, many memebers of ZemUs family died, and TilDar did not make it in time to escape, though KluYa did manage to save his son, LoTaiDar.

Eventually the came upon The Blue Planet, where a scouting mission uncovered that the inhabitant were primitve. A Summit was held to discuss what should be done, where ZemUs, now resentful of KluYa and only half the man he had once been, posited that they exterminate the life there and take the planet for themselves, and that he had the schematics for a massive Giant that could do so. The Summit, headed by FuSoYa, had ZemUs restrained and dragged back into slumber, where he was supressed by The Collective Mind. KluYa suggested a plan in which they would descend onto the planet and bring the people up to their level, but this idea was also rejected, though they agreed that the progress of the people should be monitored, and allowed KluYa set intervals of sleep and wakefullness in which to do just that. The Summit decided to seal the people in sleep on the now-cloaked Cyrstal Sphere until the time when the people there wer ready to accept them. FuSoYa would guard their sleep. Little did they know that KluYa and ZemUs would both be working toward different ends, ZemUs to destroy the world, KluYa to advance it…

Through his several 'scouting missions', KluYa planted the seeds of technology he hoped the race, which called themselves Humans, would foster. Over the ages, he and FuSoYa (who he often used to explain specialized magics to the Humans) bacame legends among the people, and then, eventually, gods to be worshiped. KluYa, having realized ZemUs intent on his jounreys to The Blue Planet, finally realized what his Sight had been about, and set up counter measures to try and stop ZemUs, knowing he was working toward one end. He did not yet realize the role he would utimately play in the Sight's fufillment, however.

There would be one journey from which KluYa would not return to The Red Moon. After outfitting a shrine he was sure would be required on Mount Ordeals after he realized he would be the one to gift The Hero of the Sight with Hallowed Light, he decided to visit Baron under the alias of Kale Hansen. That visit forever changed his life.

Here, he met Cecilia Harvey, the wife of Thomas Harvey, whom he quickly fell in love with. Suffering from a sort of taint, KluYa began to loose his Holy Light, but could not leave until he realized that she returned his feelings. Fleeing Baron, he hoped returning to The Red Moon to sleep would erase the damage done, but he would not make it that far. Cecilia pursued him, and Thomas, seeing this, annuled their marriage. Cecilia was once again a Highwind. Unable to stand the thought of the woman he loved with another man, Thomas banished KluYa and Cecilia.

Ariving in Mysidia City, Mysidia, KluYa married Cecilia and was given a job by Elder Maximillian Minwu at the university as a Professor of Magic History. The two had a son, whom they named Theodore, but it was only when Cecilia became pregnant a second time that KluYa realized he had been the insturment to his own prophecy. When Cecilia died in child labour, KluYa became obsessed with saving Theodore and moved his sons from place to place, but they were eventually caught outisde of Baron two years later. He lost his body defending his sons, and his spirit fled to The Shrine on Mount Ordeals, where he became nothing but a rumor, fading into the depths of his own sorrow…


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