Kiyanna Lunaire Mothwing

Kiyanna is a Yumian Princess with an angsty past and a rude attitude. She's certainly interesting.


Author: Azalea
Race: Yumian
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: October 4
Place of Origin: Azelie
Currently Located: The Blue Planet
Height: 5'10"
Weight: ??
Hair Color: Long and violet
Eye Color: Blue-green
Occupation: Princess, Red Mage
Nickname(s): Kiya, Anna

Appears In: Kiya's Adventures, Against the Zombie Vegetables (or if you have a webpage link it here instead) yourstoryname


Kiya grew up as a Yumian Princess of Myrian Forest. In other words, not terribly spoiled but slightly. At the age of twelve, she decided to go on an adventure and set out. Not knowing where she was going, she wandered into a forest… eventually met Miela the artist… and had something to do with Tenir's escape and Miela's …death? Ever since, she has been the angsty, snappy princess seen in Zombie Vegetables.


Kiya used to be a nice, cheerful princess… but now she is angsty and will bite your head off. She is sarcastic and sometimes vicious, but she does care for some people, like her sister, even if she doesn't show it at all. It's often hard to tell whether she is being helpful of simply being snarky.

Skills and Abilities

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  • White Magic: Kiya is very adept with white magic; she is a red mage
  • Black Magic: Kiya is very adept at black magic; she is a red mage
  • Swordsmanship: Kiya is passable with a sword. She is more of a mage than a fighter.

Special Items

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  • Disc-Pendant: A polished disc of unknown material strung onto a chain and worn as a necklace.

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