Kira thought she was an ordinary girl untill she stumbled through a doorway to another world, she has yet to realise the secrets of her past, and as she mets new people, she finds them piece by piece…

Author: mizkittycat
Race: Human~utsuru
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Date of Birth: 4/5/1992
Place of Origin: Earth~ really Amadorian
Currently Located: Amadore
Height: 5'3
Weight: 5
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Occupation: None
Nickname(s): Shrimp, Ki
Appears In: Amadore Chronicles


Kira has no memory of her mum who went missing and was presumed dead, she was adopted by George, who was her mother's best friend.
All her life she saw strange windows in the sky, but as far as she could tell she could never touch them, so it's a bit of surprise when she ends up passing through a doorway that shares the same abstract light that windows have.


Kira is quiet person mostly. but after she becomes more comfortable with the people she's with, she becomes witty and short-tempered, she's always stubborn and usally serious. she dosn't mind speaking her mind though, and can come up with good ideas and plans.

Skills and Abilities

Kira dosn't have too many abilities, except one links to her main.

  • (main)Utsu: She can create portals to different time's and place's
  • Invisability: she can hide inside a closed portal and see everything outside and move wherever within her closed portal
  • Move objects: she can reach her hand through a portal and get any object, weather its her staff thats been thrown aside, or something special that can't be allowed to break.
  • Fighting: She fights with a simple staff, but creates portals as she fights that allow her to easily move around and makes it impossible for her to be cornered.

Special Items

  • **Bracelet: Something she gains when she enters Amadore that was her mother's

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