King Seda Raybrandt


Name: Seda Raybrandt
Nicknames: None
Age: 29
Race: Immortal, "Human", Unknown (Black Alsatiaiin)/Half Ice Demon
Origins: Blue (Green) Terra, Haven Castle ( Dark Cloud 1 )
Current Location: The Rose Manor Castle
Hair Color: Pale Silver
Eye Color: Soft Lavender
Skin: Pale Flesh
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 174 lbs.
Likes: Toan Pendragon, Monica Raybrandt, Rock/Metal/Gothic Music (Nox Arcana, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold etc), Anything with Cheese (ex. Cheesy Hot Dogs), and Training
Dislikes: Spinach, Ace Cross, Paige, Psycho Keia, Duke Hansen, and JoCeno
Dreams: To always have Toan by his side, and find his mother
Personality: Seda is very cocky, kind, noble, devoted, relentless, determined, very selfless, and a fair judge of character. However, he can become sadistic, very cruel, ruthless, angry, and extremely icy, the reason behind this is because he still has powerful dark blood within him.
Items: The Chronicle Weapon: The Atomement, his best (magically imbued) sword and his favorite choker, which was a gift from Toan
Powers: Elements of Holy and Ice and Super Speed/Strength

Personal History: When Seda became king shortly after his father's death, his mother fell in to a deep coma not able to be awakened again. Then about two years after the Dark Genie was destroyed, Seda and his Queen Sophia lived happily together until one night when she killed him in his sleep (and he doesn't really know why), while pregnant with their child, a boy, but not long after that a huge mysterious fire broke out and killed her along with the kingdom being ruined and covered in black ashes that still remain to this day as dark grey dust and harden ruble. Today Seda is now dating Toan, all while trying to find answers to his many questions. In his past life he was Prince Seda Higurashi, a "full blooded" Ice Demon (Demigod) with many great powers and abilities.

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