King Gilbert Chris II and Queen Melody von Muir

King Gilbert Chris II and Queen Melody von Muir are Edward Chris von Muir's parents, and the rulers of the Damcyan kingdom.


Author: aa-chan
Race: Human
Appears In: various drawings by the author; no set series yet!


The good king and queen of Damcyan have been rulers for a long time. King Gilbert Chris von Muir II is a musician from a long line of musicians, while his wife, Melody, hails from the kingdom's town of Kaipo, named by a merchant and his wife for the kingdom's love of music. Not very much is known about them, other than they take their responsibilities as leaders seriously, and wish their son, Edward, would care for kingdom diplomatics.

King Gilbert Chris von Muir II

A bard bequeathed from a gypsy queen and soldier king, Gilbert Chris grew up with a love for music, though he took his responsibilities as the kingdom's then-prince rather seriously. Influenced by his mother, he learned many songs and stories that he eventually passed along to his son, Edward, but was also blessed with a beautiful penchant for speechcraft, able to charm anyone into listening to him.

Queen Melody von Muir

The daughter of a merchant and a shopkeep's daughter.


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