Kieil Fiira

Kieil Fiira is the head of the Royal Guard in Lunaria, and very proud of it. Her entire life is honor and the defense of the Royal family. She tends to be very serious about her job which not only drives Raine and Rowen crazy but also tends to get her into a bit of trouble as she often oversteps her boundries. Kieil is generally a very kindhearted person, but is so die hard about her job that she can come off as a stuck-up jerk.

Author: Raine E. Storms
Race: Half human, half tsurienmaie
Gender: Female
Age: 36 (ages as a human would)
Date of Birth: February 3rd
Place of Origin: Alakia, Lunaria
Currently Located: Jesai, Lunaria
Height: 5’ 7”
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Occupation: Head of the Celestial Royal Guard
Nickname(s): (has none, unless you include people calling her only by her last name)
Appears In: Celestial Chronicles


Kieil grew up as a peasant girl in a small seaport town known as Alakia. Her family was always loyal to the Celestialia (also known as simply the Celestial) Royal Family. Though not nobles and therefore holding little power the Fiiras still stood by almost every decision the royal family made. Her father was a merchant and her mother a weaver, both very humble and honorable people. At the time when the Celestialias were attacked and slaughtered her family stood against many riotous people, keeping them from overthrowing the throne, knowing that in time the remaining daughter would take her place as queen. The Fiiras were all well respected amoungst the peasants in many towns throught Lunaria and so many listened to them and stood by them. Some nobles fought against them, feeling that the only reason the royal family fell was because they were too lax with their laws and their guard and should thus be replaced.
After a few years the unrest died down as Kirea, the advisor to the royal family, returned to Lunaria from where she had been dealing with political issues on the other side of the world. She had not been told of the unrest in Lunaria, and once the situation was explained quickly took over the ruling of Lunaria and settled the unrest, effectively holding the throne for when Raine would return to her home town. Thankful to the Fiiras for their loyalty to the crown Kirea quickly inducted the Fiiras officially into service to the royal family. Though given the chance to live in the palace the Fiiras decided to continue living their life as peasants, enjoying their simple lifestyle. Kieil lived for the next 7 years working as a bar maid at a local tavern, waiting for word about the future queen of Lunaria. For those 7 years however Kieil was not treated well by many of the patrons of the tavern, often ending up injured or having money and belongings stolen from her, and never spoke a word of it.
It was sunset on an autumn day and Kieil was cornered in an alleyway when she first met her future queen. Kieil was leaving from work when she was jumped by a group of thugs whom easily cornered her. She was curled up against a wall when she heard a soft but dark voice speak up. There was a brilliant flash oflight and the sound of fighting, a few yelps, then footsteps running away from the alley. “Hey, you ok?” came that same soft, dark voice. Kieil opened her eyes and looked up at the woman that knelt before her and blinked a few times. It was then that Kieil swore her life to the protection of the Royal family. She immedietly went to Kirea and asked to be inducted into the royal guard, as Raine had vanished once more not long after saving Kieil. Kirea agreed to allowing Kieil to at least train with the guard and then, after seeing Kieil’s promise in battle Kirea officially inducted her into the royal guard, where she quickly rose to the top. By the time Raine officially returned to the throne Kieil was the head of the royal guard and on of the most promising fighters in the country.


Kieil tends to be very serious about almost everything. She likes to relax at times, and enjoys life quite a bit, however most people don’t see that side of her. Although Kieil’s intentions can sometimes seem a bit questionable no one doubts her loyalty to Raine and to Lunaria, and thus no one dare question her.

Skills and Abilities

Kieil has little to no magical ability. Almost all of her abilities are in her skill when it come to fighting. Because of this she as no truly outstanding skills or abilities that require explanation.

Special Items

  • Mystaline Blade: A well-made sword with the crest of the royal family carved into the pomel. The blade is made of a rare and very durrable crystal called Mystaline, which when struck creates a sound which causes sonic damage to anyone not concidered an ally. (Note: Mystaline is blue-grey in color)
  • Mystaline Shield: A kite shield with the crest of the royal family carved into it. The shield is made of Mystaline which when struck creates a sound which causes sonic damage to anyone not concidered an ally.
  • Keyrine Mane Cloak: Cloak woven from the mane of a Keyrine (a large, horse-like creature which is celestial in origin. Twice the size of a normal horse and it’s mane is strong as steel but soft like silk) which acts much like armor. Bears the crest of the royal family on the back.

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