Kidei Hain

Half-mad gish with a robot boyfriend.


Author: lunarkweh
Race: Daelkyr half-blood
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Date of Birth: Vult 7, 976
Place of Origin: Irontown, Karrnath
Currently Located: Sharn, Breland
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Color: Mousy brown
Eye Color: Yellow and slit-pupilled
Occupation: Mercenary
Nickname(s): Kiki
Appears In: D&D 3.5's Eberron Campaign Setting
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Kidei Hain has always been something of an outlier. For starters, she was conceived when her formerly-barren mother got impregnated by what is essentially a chaos elemental. When she came of age, however, Kidei joined the Karrnathi army for her few years' compulsory service, and was well on her way to becoming an officer when her little secret was rather messily exposed. She and several other such disgraces were sent into a patch of magical nuclear wasteland known as the Mournland, ostensibly to recover the remains of other Karrnathi soldiers that had died there—Kidei's late mother among them. They weren't expected to return; Kidei was the only survivor.

Since then, she has met Pike, Muir, and Verity, and had more adventure than she knows what to do with.


Very, very awkward in speech, but generally well-meaning. Has the occasional outburst of crazy, but—well, there you go.

Skills and Abilities

  • Battle magic: Kidei was trained as a duskblade, drawing on both martial expertise and her own innate talents on the battlefield. This includes minor buffs and basic offensive magic per the D&D class.
  • Zip: Every lady's got a couple of secrets, right? The most noticeable effect of Kidei's lineage is a lightning-spitting eyestalk rooted in the base of her neck, a type of symbiont known as a stormstalk. As it has a mind of its own, she's gone and named the bloody thing. It likes to be called Zip, if you must know.
  • Swords: She likes them.

Special Items

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  • Bastard sword: Nothing but a particularly well-made blade. Once belonged to her mother Irid.
  • Yellow scarf: Mostly for the purpose of hiding her idiot stormstalk.
  • Karrnathi military coat: A relic of her former occupation. She likes it because it is warm.
  • Pike: I kid, I kid.

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