Kemesh Mi Yamir

A lunatic vampire from the Lunarian homeworld.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Lunarian Vampire
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (over 100 human cycles)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Origin: Lunarian homeworld
Currently Located: Wilds of Baron
Height: 6'0"
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Crimson
Eye Color: Black
Occupation: None
Nickname(s): None
Appears In: Amberyl's backstory


Kemesh Mi'Yamir is a member of a coven of vampires that lived on the outskirts of the main city where MamoRu lived back on the Lunarian homeworld before the disaster that droved everyone into stasis and lead to the later events on the blue Planet.

Kemesh had a twin brother, Kirom - they were mirror opposites, with Kemesh being a violent and chaotic personality and Kirom a steady, level-headed man. They even had opposite hair and eye colors. They had a psychic link that allowed Kirom to keep Kemesh's damaged mind under control. Kemesh was never quite right in the head.

During a smash-and-grab at a Lunarian household during a nighttime festival, Kirom and Kemesh were caught stealing supplies for their coven, and Kirom was killed when he was impaled with what was basically a Cure rod. At the loss of his counterbalance, Kemesh swung into full insanity. Driven by his hatred for Lunarians, he made many failed attempts at slaughtering Lunarians, and was eventually driven out of his coven and into the wilds.

Somehow he managed to stow away during one of the reconnaissance trips the Lunarians made to the Blue Planet when they were in the process of determining if they could co-habitate with the humans there.

Eventually he came upon MamoRu's family in Baron almost by chance. He stole into their small home while MamoRu was away and attacked Whitemist, dealing such substantial damage that she fell into a death-like state, and eventually lost the ability to maintain her form. He had just turned to murder the 6 month old Amberyl when Mamoru found him.

Mamoru is similar in size and shape to the man who killed Kirom, so though Kemesh wishes to kill Mamoru, he was scared off by the Lunarian man's rage.

Currently he's off living in the mountains around Baron, feeding off of animals and hapless travelers, usually too far into his madness to be able to hunt for Mamoru or hte baby he failed to kill.

There is a possibility Kirom never really existed, and was simply a representation of what was left in Kemesh's mind that was sane.


Kemesh is insane. It is currently unknown how he came to be this way, or if he was always unhinged.

Skills and Abilities

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  • Shapeshifting: Kemesh is capable of limited shapeshifting, including changing into smoke or mist, and the form of a raven. He is unable to maintain the forms for long due to being unable to focus on the form long enough to keep it solid.
  • Strength: He is physically stronger than most humans or Lunarians
  • Speed: He is capable of moving at around five times normal speed

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