Kawarinaku Teruko

Ordinary school girl in the Juuban district of Tokyo-3? Not quite. Teruko, much to her dismay, is a Magical Girl, one of the five initially chosen by Sailorcosmos to defend an alternate universe created when timestreams of the Silver Universe and the Genesis Universe collided and combined in timespace due to cataclysmic events in both worlds.


Author: Jamie Carlson
Race: Human/Angel
Gender: Female
Age: 16 at story's beginning
Date of Birth: September 7
Place of Origin: Washington (State), USA, America, White Universe
Currently Located: Tokyo-3, Japan, White Universe
Height: 5'-8'' (approx.)
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Dark brown - change to light blue at end of series
Occupation: Student in Juuban high school
Nickname(s): Teru-chan, Sailorillumina
Appears In: Bishoujo Senshi Sailorcosmos: Eien no Kakusei (originally Pretty Soldier Sailor Cosmos: Eternal Blue)


Teruko's lived a lonely life, as her parents were both business people and tend to spend more time doing business trips than they spend with her. She is part Japanese, part American and part Hispanic from her parents' mixed lineage. She spent most of her youth in America and is now living alone in Japan, her parents paying for her tuition and apartment.

When her school was attacked by a fishman Youma, a white cat named Evangelion appeared to her and granted her the ability to transform into her alter-ego, Sailorillumina.

Teruko was a lady in waiting during the Silver Millenium in the Silver Universe. one of the souls of that universe that found its rebirth in the newly created White Universe, Teruko was chosen by Sailorcosmos - the ultimate form of Sailormoon - to assist her in protecting that world. Sailorcosmos chose to allow the original Senshi to live normal lives in this version of reality, since they never could in their own.

Teruko first hates being a Senshi, but eventually owns up to it, making the ultimate sacrifice - she uses up all her power, killing herself, in order to destroy a powerful enemy. She is revived by Kaoru, the Angel of Compassion, as he gives her his mortal body and reverts to his spirit-only form in order to allow her to continue living.

Throughout the series, Teruko falls in love with and is killed by Kage no Shi. This is her first death - she is revived by Cosmos, at the cost of Cosmos losing her ability to become a Senshi for a while. Eventually, Teruko falls in love with and dates Suzuhara Toji until their college days, when, during the newfound peace after their final enemy is destroyed, they drift apart. Teruko becomes a fashion designer and settles down.


Teruko is kind, gentle, and motherly. She is at first very reluctant to be a Senshi, but eventually accepts her duty and stands brave in the face of danger.

Skills and Abilities

Teruko has the ability to transform into a Senshi, Sailorillumina. Her powers are based off of light, from Purity of Soul, and range toward the Angelic. She is stronger and faster, and has more stamina as a Senshi. She eventually learns to heal, as well as to fight, using the power of light.

  • Transformation: Teruko uses her Blue Angel Compact to transform into Sailorillumina
  • Blue Angelic Illumina: Sailorillumina uses her Blue Angel Tier to focus light energy from her surroundings into a beam of blue light, which can be used like a laser/energy beam or be transformed into a dome of energy.
  • Angel Tear: Illumina focuses her energy into her heart and through the power of compassion, is able to cry upon and heal a friend's wounds.
  • Sailor Teleport: Illumina learns to teleport!
  • Sailor Angel Attack: Variant on the Sailor Planet Attack.

Special Items

Blue Angel Tier - A wand that can grow into a staff that allows her to focus her energy for basic attacks.

  • Blue Angel Compact: Allows her to Henshin
  • Blue Angel Tier: Allows her to focus her energy into an attack


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