Kalen Archer

"You give a whole new meaning to the term 'counter intelligence'."


Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Hybrid (Angel/Mage)
Gender: Male
Age: Appears mid to late twenties
Date of Birth: October 31, 1566
Currently Located: The Celestial Halls and Newport, Oregon
Height: 6'
Body: Athletic and muscular
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Eye Color: Iridescent blue
Occupation: Warrior, Negotiator, Bodyguard, Musician
Nickname(s): None he's willing to admit to
Appears In: The Memory's Trilogy



Kalen almost appears to have a split personality at times. Inside, he's at constant war with his emotions, just like his mother. He's become a master of disguising his emotions and even his own personality. The few who know his true self describe him as a loving and devoted son, a little hot tempered, and very honorable.

Skills and Abilities

Kalen is just beginning to learn how to control his magic, due to the fact that his father, Rafael didn't trust any of the Mages that he'd met to train his son. Upon his mother's return, he began his training, discovering an affinity for Spirit magic, and eventually becoming a chaos Mage.

He is trained in nearly every form of combat, and is a brilliant tactician. He prefers a rapier over most other weapons, often lacing his blade with magic.


Special Items

  • Wedding ring: Gold band with intricate knot work
  • Small locket: Belonged to his wife, Aline
  • Small child's bracelet: Belonged to his daughter, Mirella
  • Old stuffed dog: Belonged to his son, Tobias
  • Small charm bracelet: Belonged to his daughter, Minerva
  • Small silver amulet: Belonged to his son, James
  • Old journal: Belonged to his daughter, Katarina

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