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One day after a very long battle with Dica Dellaciio, Lilium, Candy and Jessie; Garland, Marilth, the Cloud of Darkness, Exdeath, Kuja and Shuyin showed up to try and kill Kalea but when they finally realized that she could not die (they failed to cut off her head it seems) she handled them all with the White Cloud and was even about to cut off Garland’s head [once a person loses their head due to a Chronicle Weapon being used they die unable to return ever] that is until Zemus and Barbariccia showed up from out of the sky and knocked her unconscious with a powerful wind spell, Seda, Toan, and Sailor Moon tried to fight the eight of them off but they were all bound down by the hold spell casted by Kuja and Zemus together. A few minutes later the Warrior of Light (Stan Hikari), Callen Geruda (the Red Mage), Bartz Klauser, Yuna, Garnet, and Rydia of Mist appeared just in time to save them all from the eight Warriors of Chaos by combining their powers together to bring them down face first into the ground, shortly after that Kalea, Seda, and Toan all woke up in Cosmos’s Headquarters, where they now stay ever since becoming her Warriors in this ever long War. Kalea treats Lori, and Sharon like younger sisters sometimes, but when she doesn't it's because she is either not at the hideout or might be with Ace/her Guardians/at the Rose Manor.

She is now the Paladin of Platinum Alsatia: Silver Light, a female warrior of old ancient legends and leader of the Paladins.

Note: Kalea can't get pregnant due to a spell placed on herself for several reasons, but because she's been under it's effects for so long now that she can't undo it — ever.

Author: Silver Goddess

Name: Kalea Pearl Jade
Nicknames: The Silver Goddess of Alsatia, Silver Light, Kitten, and Midget
Age: 23
Race: Immortal, Alsatiaiin Lunarian
Origins: Platinum Alsatia, The White God Realms
Current Location: The Rose Manor Castle/Cosmos HQ
Hair Color: Pearl White
Eye Color: Pink, with Darker pink pupils
Skin: Pale Flesh, Kammiian skin tone
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Likes: Ace Cross, Sirah, Xiao, Fiore, Cats, Food, Water, Swimming, and Drawing
Dislikes: Chaos, Psycho Keia Blaze, JoCeno, Lilith Ceno, "HER" and "HIM"
Dreams: To always be there by Ace's side for all eternity, To see Theodore's and James's eternal happiness stay intact
Personality: Kalea is loveable, sweet, kind, loyal, caring, friendly, really pure hearted, and very cruel to her enemies
Items: The Super Chronicle Weapon # IV: White Cloud, the strongest sword in existence, The Clear Glass Crystal, her locket, a gift from Ace, himself, and her Pen
Powers: Elements of Light, Holy, and Wind, Healing abilities, seeing visions, super speed, and Teloportation

Appears In: Light is Eternity (Part 1 only), White Cloud, The Great Dissidia Wars, LBC'S Adventure, and Fantasy Theft Auto


Hunter Jade {father, King of Platinum Alsatia, pureblooded Lunarian, not happy about Ace's actions towards Kalea}

Ashley Jade {mother, Queen of Platinum Alsatia, formerly Mega Sailor Pure Love, pureblooded Lunarian, worries about Kalea daily}

Sikkia Jade {twin sister, deceased, destroyed Crystallized Statue, she loved puppies and cookies}

Ace Cross "Harvey" {Golden God of Alsatia, lover and fiancé of Kalea, most newest ally of Cosmos}

Anthony Cross {The White God of Alsatia, father of Ace, Winged Alsatiaiin Neko}

Cecilia Cross "Hansen" {daughter of Thomas Odin Harvey, The Rainbow Goddess of Alsatia, Paladin: Pure Rainbow, mother of Ace, Half Winged Alsatiaiin}

Cid of Lufaine {overseer of the Great War, husband of Cosmos, advisor of Anthony, friend of Thomas}

King Seda Raybrandt {ally of Cosmos in the war, a very big smart ass just like Theo here, and one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, the strongest one}

Toan Pendragon {son of Aga and Renee, lover of Seda, ally in the war, and one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, second strongest one}

Princess Monica Raybrandt {daughter of Jace and Naomi Raybrandt, Paladin: Angel, girlfriend to Max, likes sweets, one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, third strongest one}

Xiao KiShia {Toan's pet cat turned neko, Paladin: Neko, adores Kalea and Monica, loves Toan, one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, the crazy one}

Maximilian "Max" Oatsworth {resident of Palm Brinks, boyfriend to Monica, friend of Cedric, Donny, and Erik, one of Kalea's Immortal Guardians, inventor}

Simba {Fairy/Spirit King, The God of Magic, knows of Ace and his whole family, friends of Seda and Thomas, worries about Kalea a bit}

Bendora Vorwensor (King JimmLoia) {Was Prince Til's father, king of the Sun Kingdom, now mayor of Centra's Capital City, Vorwensor, Toan's uncle, Aga's older brother}

The Mayor (Rorin Harvey) {mayor of Norune Village, friend of Dran, younger brother of Thomas, the source of guidance for both Kalea and Toan}

Lady Reina TealLeea {mother, ex-wife of Duke, Ultra Sailor Red Death, Queen of all Vampires and Goddess of Flames, currently missing}

Duke Ken "Black Killer" Hansen {father, former Vampire King, God of True Darkness and completely brainwashed puppet of JoCeno}

Lord Trinity Cross {Best friend of Duke, Godfather of Theodore and prisoner of JoCeno and "HER", located in Duke's Mansion}

Connie Monroe {"cousin" of Theodore, Thunder Demon Princess and New Police Officer at Theo's station and she helps with Kalea's team, the Blue Light Warriors}

Lily (Queen Lucia NiiSae) Oatsworth {Cain's mother, Guardian of the village, and now former Queen from StarFire, Green Terra}

Sirah Jingukashi {dear friend, ally of Cosmos in the war and Theo's admiration for strength, faith, and kindness, they are like Oil and Water to each other}

Personal History: Our heroine of the main story line and leader of the Blue Light Warriors, Kalea has seen many things and has been through many battles with JoCeno and his legions of dark monsters. Long ago some time back in Alsatia, Kalea somehow ended up in The Teal Light Dimension: StarFire, under the alas of "Solera Moonlight" it was here that her battle with Jo began and still continues to this very day. Kalea had first met Ace Cross within her Temple, even though he shouldn't have been there to begin with as men weren't allowed inside of it, but eventually they fell in love. Kalea used to be quite powerful as a Sailor Soldier, but she does have one drawback; she is infected with JoCeno's "madness" yet it does make her much stronger and ever more dangerous, and she can no longer transform into Sailor Crystal, however a new even more powerful form is on the very verge of awakening deep inside of her. Kalea loves Ace very very much, but she doesn’t know where he is or why Cecil Harvey, King of Baron, seems to resemble him some what.

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