Julian Cagadhain

"You've thrown me through a roof, three doors, and not only sliced open my wing, but then dropped me off a roof! Of course I'm jumpy!"


Author: megan-aka-incendi
Race: Hybrid (Angel/Mage
Gender: Male
Age: Appears late thirties
Date of Birth: June 23, 1531
Currently Located: Tidewater, Oregon
Height: 6'
Body: Athletic, aristocratic
Hair Color: Silvery white
Eye Color: Storm grey with an iridescent sheen
Occupation: Doctor, Healer, Head Shrink (Tweek's title for him)
Nickname(s): Tweek comes up with new ones each week
Appears In: The Memories Trilogy



Julian is probably one of the calmest and most patient people you could ever meet. Raised by an abusive father until he was five, he developed a distrust for anyone who uses their strength to get what they want (mistakes Rafael's actions a lot of times for this). Taught to resist conflict at all costs, he has allowed himself to be beaten, thrown from rooftops, thrown through doors, and basically had the stuffing beaten out of him (*cough*Rafael*cough*)

He is very loving and kind, often being able to calm dangerous and violent patients with nothing more than his voice and a soft touch.

Skills and Abilities

  • Chlorokinesis: Control over plants
  • Terrakinesis: Control over Earth
  • Aerokinesis: Control over Air
  • Cryokinesis: Control over the slowing of time
  • Healing Magics: Self explanitory

Special Items

  • Healer's Pendant: Gift from Mekana, says "A healer's touch, touches the soul"
  • A large library: Filled with every book imaginable…and then some (magically hidden)

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