Jonas Quin (S-TU)

Recruited straight into Cruxis, and skipping the Desians, on Yggdrasill's orders, Jonas Quin is more than just another genius half-elf. Eventually Jonas becomes one of Zelos Wilder and Yuan Ka-Fai's most trusted Angels in the heirarchy of Cruxis.

Author: KitKatt0430
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Place of Origin: Ozette, Tethe'alla
Currently Located: Triet Base, Sylvarant
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Occupation: Renegade Spy and later Triet Base Second-in-Command
Appears In: Coming Soon


Born twenty nine years before the World Reunification, Jonas was the younger of a set of identical twins. His older brother, Jeran, is physically the same as Jonas, but his opposite personality wise.

Jonas spent the first twenty four years of his life living in the slums of Ozette, a backwater town in South-Eastern Tethe'alla known for housing the worst of the nation's anti-half-elven racism. Despite living in a town where the majority of the residents hated him for his mixed heritage, Jonas managed to maintain a fairly carefree attitude in life. When he was eventually approached by Lord Yuan with an invitation to join Cruxis and escape Ozette's cruelty, Jonas only accepted because his brother had already decided to go.

As a Cruxis trainee, Jonas met and befriended Zelos Wilder, the Chosen of Tethe'alla. Unfortunately, Jonas also incured the wrath of the Archangel Leader, Remiel, during an ethical debate. After Jonas won the debate, Remiel refused to let go of his grudge. Eventually Remiel attempted to manufacture a fatal accident during one of Jonas' training sessions. Zelos saved Jonas' life and called Remiel on his actions, earning them both places as Yggdrasill's favorite new Angels.

During the course of Jonas' training, he discovered that Zelos and Yuan were both members of the Renegades, an organization opposing Cruxis. Believing the Renegades to be correct in their opposition, Jonas joined the Renegades. Unfortunately, Jonas could not share his new position in the Renegades with his brother or girlfriend because both were true believers in the cause of Cruxis.

At the age of twenty-seven, Jonas took a short haitus from Cruxis after Zelos' fiancee, Princess Heather Tethe'alla, was murdered. Worried by Zelos' deepening obsession with defeating the Pope, Jonas became Zelos' Sworn Brother using blod magic. Afterwards, Zelos seemed to be himself again though Jonas never believed he truly recovered.

In the year of the World Reunification Journey, Jonas and Jeran returned to Ozette to be with their Aunt, who was dying. They were present during the Angel's Massacre, when Cruxis destroyed Ozette in a blaze of fire in order to allow Yggdrasill to infiltrate Lloyd's group in his fourteen-year-old-form. The brothers survived the attack and Jeran immediately returned to Cruxis, still believing in Cruxis' righteousness. Jonas remained behind to help look for other survivors.

Later that year, Jonas revealed his position as a Renegade during the battle in the Great SeeD chamber when Yggdrasill was temporarily defeated. Jonas and his fellow Renegade spies were able to temporarily sieze control of Cruxis; his leadership abilities during the event landed him the position of second in command of Triet Base when the two worlds were finally reunited.


Jonas is a generally laid back person; he's not quick to anger, but is easily amused. Under the right circumstances, Jonas can be quite the prankster. However, his most notable trait is his loyalty. Once someone has earned his respect and trust, Jonas will support them to the best of his abilities, regardless of personal cost.

Another notable trait is Jonas' sense of morality. Once Jonas becomes aware that something is unethical, he refuses to allow it to continue.

While not prone to panic, Jonas tends to worry where his Jonas, Zelos, and Risa are involved. Only for them will he make impulsive decisions, which often change the course of his life radically. For example, he choses to join Cruxis without putting much thought into it because Jeran decides to join.


Skills and Abilities

  • Fighting Ability: Jonas is a good unarmed fighter, but his true skill is with knives. In close combat he'll use a pair of stilettos, but he keeps an inordinate number of knives on his person for any purpose from throwing to fighting to cooking.
  • Angelic Transformation: Due to his time as part of Cruxis, Jonas is able to transform between his half-elven and Angelic forms. When in his Angelic form, Jonas possess a pair of black, feathered wings. Unlike the crystalline wings, the feathered wings denote lower magical strength and tend to molt three to four times a year.
  • Magic: Though Jonas is capable of elemental and Angelic magic, his casting is average at best. While Jonas will utilize his magic as an aid in battle, he's more likely to depend on his physical strength than on a quickly cast spell. Jonas has no talent for spellcasting.

Special Items

  • Cruxis Crystal: Jonas' blue Cruxis Crystal is permenantly attached to the back of his right hand, where it has been affixed to a key crest. Jonas typically utilizes the crystal's strength and speed enhancing abilities, but tends to ignore the magic enhancing aspects the crystal.

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